June 10, 2007

Epic Fail + Helpless Flail

Ok, so I'm made of AIDS and fail. Remember how I told everyone I'd be updating on the 9th? Yup, I blew that one despite my best intentions.

I've been basically half asleep since I got back in town and work has been going slowly as a result. I'd already penciled half of this update by the time I left for the road trip, so the pages are a good ways along and aren't going to be too terribly late. Still, I have yet to finish the coloring and shading and texting and all that good stuff. Add in scanning the minicomic and drawings I did while I was away, and that's a couple of hours at least.

Shouldn't be too bad, though, since it's only 2 pages and (when I'm awake) I'm working like fury on them.

That said, I can't wait for a day off! I probably, in retrospect, should have skipped THIS update and returned next week, but meh. I hate being away, and what's a little clinical exhaustion between friends?

The other thing is that I wasn't able to check the post box for the final snail-mailed raffle submissions this afternoon. Yup, I was (surprise surprise) asleep.

Tomorrow's a Sunday, so the raffle drawing will have to be delayed until Monday afternoon. That gives you super-late folks one last chance to get in any last-minute entries.

A bit of a rocky return, eh? My worst fear is that this is becoming a habit for me. Naughty Luka.

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