October 31, 2008

Update Post

Yes, three pages this week. I didn't have the heart to split them up, and they're just so gosh darn seasonal:

I feel so accomplished. Also, I have devil horns and a goatee. I feel like a porn star and look like Jon Lovitz.

Life is good.

October 30, 2008

Medical Fun!

Had the first doctor visit this week. We talked about my blood sugar problems and she said he was pretty sure it wasn't diabetes (YAY) but we'll do the fasting/tolerance thing to make sure. He prescribed me Adavair and a new albuterol inhaler, and then we talked about my wrists. He used a little rubber hammer to tap on the base of my hand and I felt it all the way in my fingers, worse on the right side. I could barely do the hold-hands-together test because the left one hurts so badly.

At first he told me to just continue taking anti-inflammatory drugs and bracing the wrists at night, but I told him I've been doing that and it's getting worse and I'd like to try the next step up to stop it. Lately I wake up with both hands feeling numb and weak, and I can't hold a fork or a pen without losing the feeling in my thumb and half my fingers. If I set the pen down and flex the fingers the blood rushes back in, but that only lasts a few minutes. I can't draw like I used to, and I can't lift free-weights or ride a bike comfortably.

He said that in cases where the pain wakes you up at night or you start losing grip strength it's time to look into surgery, and that's right around where I am now (although I don't recall waking up at night, I'm sure yelping in pain in the early morning counts). He's referred me to a neurologist for an EMR(?) test. Basically they're going to stick needles in my arms and run a charge through to see whether the signal slows down in the carpal tunnel area. I have been offered cortisone shots in both wrists to temporarily relieve inflammation, and if that doesn't work, there's always surgery. At this point I am absolutely committed to whatever it takes to get my hands to stop buzzing and going numb on me when I try to draw. It's so hard to lose yourself in the work when the work is hurting you!

Cross your fingers y'all. Lord knows I can't. I go back next week for a physical, and am hoping all goes well and my heart isn't likely to asplode at the gym or something.

Had a two hour bike ride with the Captain today, the longest since you-know-when. His hurt toe didn't bother him at all, but I kept our speed down and the bike in low gear for my knee's sake. We were mostly on the sidewalks (legal in this town) so the Captain could pad along on the soft grass instead of the harsh street surface. We went all over the place. Even to the dog park, which was empty, so I brought in my bike and rode around with the Captain chasing me until he was good and exhausted.

During the ride I tried so hard to induce an asthma attack, pedaling as fast as I could and breathing through my mouth, but nothing happened. This new medication is fucking amazing. I'd forgotten what it was like to be able to go all-out physically and still be able to breathe without my lungs shrinking to the size of itchy, burning little raisins.

Life is good.

Whoever loves, let him flourish. Let him perish who knows not love. Let him perish twice over whoever forbids love.

-Graffiti found on the wall of the House of Caecilius Iucundus, Pompeii.

October 29, 2008

No More Toes for the Captain.

Took the Captain in for his appointment today, to get his pink lips looked at. The Doc was pretty stumped and had to go get her reference and look through it for a while before coming back with the educated guest that Doggie has vitiligo. It's another Pointer tendency, from what she told me. I'm to watch for sores or crustiness in the affected areas as signs that there's something else going on, but in all likelihood he's fine beyond the skin color change. Fine by me--he can be Captain Jackson as long as he's healthy. I'll need to make sure he has sunscreen on the depigmented areas if it starts to creep up his nose, also.

While we were in the office, I had his paw looked at. Yesterday I woke up to the sound (and wetness!) of him licking his foot excessively. A claw was broken and splintered all the way back to the quick, and the wound was starting to smell a bit funky. I called as soon as I noticed and they said it would keep til the appointment. I duct-taped a sock onto his leg to stop him constantly licking the foot for much of the day. It sapped all his powers, that terrible sock. He could barely move other than to slither from floor to Best Chair and back again. Deep, abiding sighs in numbers too great to count--the whole canine guilt trip. Only ferrets forced to wear a harness can do the dance better than an intelligent dog. A ferret will go the extra mile and throw in a death rattle before going completely limp and still.

Once the vitiligo was out of the way, Doc called a technician to come and hold the Captain while she took care of the claw. I tried to distract my brave puppy with treats, but he lost interest the second the shears came out. Doc lopped the whole bloody claw off in one move, right down to the base of the split. The Captain screamed and wailed and bled all over the place. It was pretty terrible, and was followed by several minutes' worth of dark-eyed canine betrayal angst.

Doc calmed him down with several spoonfuls of the really good treats she keeps in the office for post-torture apologies, and the Captain relaxed a bit. A few minutes later he was doing tricks for snacks, albeit with more caution than usual.

The bright orange bandage they put on his foot was like a clingy, blood-stained business card for the Ministry of Silly Walks. Poor dude tried not to use that leg at all the whole time it was on, but his torment was not over yet. I took him to the pet food store and bought him a nice new pair of clippers. The old pair was getting dull, and I need to keep his nails extra short from now on to prevent this ever happening again. I also got some fish oil supplements because Pointers tend toward brittle claws, and our floor is hardwood with gaps between the boards. Doc says that's usually how talons get splintered.

I am pampering the shit out of my boy right now. Even still, he keeps glancing at me with this expression that says "You did this. You let them cut off my feet." Oh, Captain, you are such a fucking drama queen.

Also today, I opened up a bank account here in town. My previous bank was in Bellevue, NE, and I'm tired of the inconvenience. I am now considering getting a credit card. I've never had one before, and it's a bit intimidating. But I really should establish an emergency financial backup plan for the future.

October 27, 2008

Anonymous Raid On Gold Base Turns Violent

This was my first protest at Gold and it seemed to be a routine one (well, as routine as a protest with 100db creepy organ music going on in the background could possibly be).

We got there around noon and tried to take the Scilons by surprise. Myself and Xenubarb jumped out of the van and started filming the guard shack (there was nothing else going on that we could see). About 15 minutes later, they started up the organ music and had pulled the shades down in the guard shack.

We called the cops after we arrived as a courtesy and so did the Scilons. When they showed up, I was confronted by a cop who told me that it would make his job easy if I gave him my name (I was wearing a mask). I told him no, even though he asked me several times. It was this same cop that eventually arrested AnonOrange (which is kind of funny, since I basically told him in so many words that I knew he was working for the scilons. He tried, not very convincingly, to pretend to be upset by my insinuation).

Fast forward several hours (I’ll relate details of our successful enturbulating later) and we were getting ready to leave. The scilon security vehicle that had been going back and forth parking next to our vehicle was next to our van again. There was also another car parked on the side of the road (which turned out to be another scilon security vehicle, some cheap Toyata ecomony car), that AnonOrange spotted on side of the road. He said to me, “that car looks suspicious, I’m going to check it out.” Meanwhile, I was checking on the rest of our group, which was coming down the hill from Golden Era Productions, to make sure they had all our stuff.

When I glanced back the other way, I saw a bald security guard running across the dirt road where the scilon security vehicle was and heard loud yelling. Camera in hand, I ran over as fast as I could and saw three scilon security goons who had AnonOrange pinned down in the dirt. One of them had his knee planted on AnonOrange’s neck and was forcing his face down into the dirt. AnonOrange was pleading with them to let him up and let him breathe. I was faced with an extremely difficult dilemma; get involved and try and pull them off of AnonOrange, get in a fight and possibly get namefagged or keep the camera rolling and document this shit. God help me, I decided to go with the camera option, figuring maybe I could talk some sense into these wackos.

I’m working on editing the video and will have it up as quickly as I can.

In the meantime, I’ll summarize what you’re going to see.

I told the scilons that this video is going straight onto YouTube, so they’d better think about what they’re doing. The main one, Danny, who’d been surveilling our vehicle all day, told me that AnonOrange had trespassed onto their private property and they were making a citizen’s arrest. I told him that they did not have the authority to try and restrain AnonOrange in the manner that they were (they were trying to tie him up with plastic ties, wtf??). They said that he and I were on private property and that I should leave. I said I wasn’t going to leave without AnonOrange.

At one point, AnonOrange yelled out for us to get his camera. XenuBarb made a go of it and tried to get it. The scilons went after her and I got involved (I wasn’t going to stand by for that), pushing them away from her. They slammed her up against their Toyota, which you will see on the video.

I called out to I’mglib and RIF to call the cops, who took forever to show up. When they did, they arrested AnonOrange for trespassing and gave the scilons a pass (big surprise, given that the cop who showed up for this was in their pocket from the get-go).

More details (promise) to follow.

More videos will be posted soon, but this is pretty good already.

Hurray for assault and kidnapping! LRH tech delivers.

October 26, 2008

Art Post and Lip Service

Meanwhile, I'm having a bit of a canine crisis. The Captain's muzzle fur has thinned around his lips, and while it appeared to be growing back, the other day I noticed that he's actually lost all the pigmentation under his nose as well. He doesn't seem to be sick, but it's freaking me out for obvious reasons.

I need to take him to the vet, but money is tight right now due to wantonly spending it all on medicine and therapy. Supposedly I'll be getting some of it back since the MinnCare is retroactive to August 22, but I don't really want to put the vet visit off.

So starting now, for a limited time, I'm taking donations for the Captain's vet bills in lieu of the usual Kagerou tip jar. Any money left over after he's taken care of will be placed in a shoebox marked "SO THE DOG DOESN'T DIE" and that box will be sealed inside another box, which will in turn be placed on a high shelf covered with crawly black widow spiders and biter-snakes, to ensure that the funds will not be embezzled for any other purpose.

If you donate five bucks or more, I'll send you one of these horrible little trinkets:

You can choose either a pin-back or a magnet. Stab friends! Destroy hard drives! This badge will serve as proof for all eternity that you own a $5 share of Luka's dog. If you bring the button with you to future conventions, I'll give you free stuff.

Plus when I die and become a postmortem icon of the outsider art community, they'll be really collectible and you WILL get laid for owning one.

If you donate more than $5 and want multiple Captain buttons, just drop a line with your payment letting me know.

Meanwhile, the subject of this post is sprawled out in Best Chair without a care in the world. I think he's murdering something in his sleep--I can hear his fangs clicking together from across the room.

October 25, 2008

Kingdom Hospital

God dammit, Stephen King. Stop putting Bryan Smith running you over with his van in everything you write. He's been dead for years and it's getting creepy.

Don't make us stage an intervention, now.

Sup /b/

So now a couple of right wing cuckoopants have blamed Anonymous for the racist McCain mutilation hoax. Meanwhile on SA, folks are watching her YouTube videos and have suggested that she may have intended to frame a black janitor from her school.

Oh man, this scandal is awesome. I wonder what'll happen next.

October 24, 2008

B is for Backwards

When making up a story about being robbed, beaten and mutilated by a Scary Black Man because of your McCain bumper sticker, it will really aid your credibility if you remembered to face the letter the right way.

Outsmarted by a mirror. HURR.

Show of hands: who else called this story as a hoax the minute it hit the Drudge report?

EDIT: Oh and this morning she said he raped her also. I missed that update.


Somebody needs to smack the writers of Heroes on the nose a couple of times with a rolled-up copy of the X-Men. For serious, they're phoning it in this season like never before. Say guys, let's give Sylar AND Peter the Tragic Vampire Curse of Can't Stop Killing, aka the hunger.


So now the hero and the villain are going to switch places and we can wank away about the nature of good and evil as it pertains to fairly bland rich kids on a rampage? Oh god, they'd better not. Maybe the guy who plays Sylar can pull off a redemption plot, but making Peter Petrelli an angsty psychic vampire is like sticking fangs on a block of firm tofu. Oh, the menace.

I'll be honest. I lost interest in the Sylar/Peter dichotomy thing way back in Season 1. Part of that is that Peter is just uninteresting as fuck to me. All he does is the same stuff everyone else does, only whinier. There are ways to do a "Hoshit, Vanyel Has Every Single Talent There Is" plot well, but this isn't one of them.

Sylar scraped by because at least he had the decency to kill the original owner of each ability, so it would be unique to him from that point on. Once he got to the character, that power was off the board for anyone else--until Peter comes along and makes an emergency backup and pushes the power inflation up another notch.

I appreciate that they were trying to build them into a dark side/light side nemesis affair, but there's nothing fresh in that dynamic that I want to explore. Also, Peter's God Moding spawns way too many cheapass plot twists (time travel! Telepathy! ANGST!) and keeps Peter and his various sexy-scarred future-clones at the forefront of the story where I can't reasonably ignore them. I'm vastly more interested in the other characters who struggle to master just their own individual talents.

Here's why it annoys me. Currently, three characters besides Claire now have the healing factor (going on two, but I haven't seen the end of this episode yet). But Hayden needs screen time, so now she's special! She can't die. (Except for in the first season where saving her life was kind of the entire point.)

Don't even get me started on the Gives Powers formula, the Takes Powers Away formula, the Bad CGI virus, the magical reappearing/disappearing apocalypse, or the way guys keep flying around with blonde women in their arms. Someone still isn't over their high school sweetheart dumping them for the quarterback and it shows.

And triplets! Triplets for everyone. Sure can't get enough of those constantly respawning Ali Larters. I'm calling it right now: by season 4 they're going to be quints.

All in all, Heroes has been a decently fun waste of time, but the flaws are starting to really clunk.

Oh, who am I kidding? We all know that if I had free reign to fix this show, I would probably rename it HIRO AND ANDO DO AMERICA and the whole thing would take place during Mardi Gras so all the girls could be topless except for shiny plastic beads. I have no room to throw stones.

EDIT: Finished the episode. All I have to say is, three fucking characters now have the ability to permanently copy everybody else's talents? What the fuck is this shit? I feel so stupid for liking this show right now.

October 21, 2008


I have a video of my mother telling the camera that "Luka is a pimp." It was taken a month before she died and was originally intended for posting on my website. Now it's the only recording of her that I have. Well, okay, there was that audio tape I secretly made in 2004 of my sister screeching at her for five minutes over nothing, but that would be a pretty lame memorial so it doesn't count).

I should feel like the fact that this unique film clip contains my mother calling me a pimp instead of giving meaningful advice or telling me where the family gold is buried is not the epitome of TOTALLY AWESOME, but secretly I know damn well that it is.

Today was a hugely productive day, but very boring to retell--all art commissions, arm warmers and keychains that I have addresses for have been mailed out. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, gym run, all done and done well.

Here's a cool picture from my upcoming photo post. It looks like shit small so fullsize for great justice.

It's the full October moon snogging the sun behind a bunch of clouds.

October 20, 2008


Today was my day off. So naturally I
- Collected and mailed off the last paperwork for lawyer guy.

- Filled out and sent in my paperwork to choose a health plan (ended up being Blue Plus).

-Called around til I had a clinic and a dentist to use as my primaries.

-Called Anytime Fitness and discovered that yes, I really DO owe them another month's pay plus failed transaction fees because they switch members to a month-by-month auto renewal deal when your contract runs out, and I also need to give them 30 days' notice when I quit. My own damn fault for assuming it'd just run out on its own without checking my contract. Maybe I should just start going again like I've been wanting to since the weather got colder, and give notice in Spring.

-Paid Netflix.

-Found the Miracle Fruit I bought on eBay but which supposedly never arrived. It had been sitting on the kitchen table in plain sight all this time. Still doesn't explain why the seller never got back to my polite inquiry, though. (IT'S CALLED KARMA YOU FUCKING FLAKE.)


-Inspired by a post in the cooking LJ community, combined two boxes of Spice Cake mix with 30 oz of canned pumpkin and 2 1/2 cups of water (no oil, no eggs). Baked into fist-sized loaf cakes at 350 degrees for ~30 minutes, and ate two a la mode right there. Snorf grampkl nom nom nom. Tasted exactly like pumpkin pie, left me with a fuckton of batter for later batches, and a person would have to be an idiot to fuck up the recipe.

-Finished inking the comic for this week. Holygod so much hatching!

-Called the CHR and made appointments with Dr. D and the resident psychiatrist using my SHINY NEW MEDICAL CARD.


Next up: Mail arts, find bedframe that will fit this futon mattress for a reasonable price, finish some bitches and ship off the keychains people have ordered.


Oh yeah, and ZippoMage--you are indeed correct. Maxtor is fucked but the data seemed to be OK. Seebs has backed it all up and we're going to lobotomize the drive and repurpose it as simple external storage, the way God intended. Bummer because I liked having automated backups every week, but the heart attack when it plays catch-me-fuck-me with my data just ain't worth it.

Now I think I'll go to bed.


Was watching the second One Piece movie with Rah the other day, and a particular scene cried out to me.

So I rewired it.


October 19, 2008


Me: Now where'd I put that audiobook? Maybe I put it on the external drive.
Maxtor Backup Drive: Haha, folder corrupt.
Me: What, the whole thing?
Maxtor Backup Drive: Yup. Pretty much the whole thing.
Windows: That folder's empty for real though.
Me: Shut up, Microsoft. YOU JUST ATE 450 GIGS' WORTH OF DATA?
Maxtor Backup Drive: Oh. Um, so did you not want me to fail, then?

Seebs is sodomizing the drive at the moment with his sonic screwdriver. He says the files show up. As to whether they're usable, all is mystery.

I can replace the iTunes stuff (they allow you to re-get lost content) that makes up a good chunk of the lost date. My giant audiobook collection, videos, all the saved images and data I was moving around... not so much.


For once, however, my art, music and comic files are in no danger since they still exist on the main system.



October 18, 2008

Hacking My Life, More

I am having a good week. The dental clinic isn't taking new MinnCare patients, but they referred me to one that has plenty of openings for my December cleaning. I still need to select a plan, but my medical card arrived today. I could break my face and as long as I had it, my credit rating would not be destroyed along with my looks. This is soothing as fuck.

I can go to the shrink every week and not have to cancel any more appointments due to financial unsettlement--and apparently get reimbursed for some or all of the bills racked up after August 22. I can get a bedframe and take the Captain to the vet to have his bald lip thing checked out just from what I spent out of my own money, not to mention Jesse and Seebs getting back what they comped me.

Online, people are buying my Gender WTF keychains. Offline, I got a paycheck for the first time in years for the window display. Spent it on kinky sunglasses. Sweet Jesus!

Also, I have everything I need to submit for payment via my lawyer, which is awesome because the hospital bills are being turned over to collections as we speak. Oops.

I have found tutorials for transforming buttons even 1" in diameter into necklaces, keychains and hair ornaments and the parts I need turned out to be fairly cheap. I have Ideas about how to utilize the discoveries. Oh yes, such ideas.

Gui visited this week, and it was pretty cool. We watched the entire first season of Pushing Daisies and took the Captain for a bike run all through town. The other night, it was getting on toward sundown so I drove Gui and Rah through Big Woods State Park to check out the autumn landscape. We were lovejacked by somebody's farm dog while driving slowly through the woods. Photos were taken, and eventually he let us 'chase' him with the car for a few hundred feet, before running home with his less adventurous black lab companion.


October 14, 2008


And now, the thrilling conclusion:

MODERATOR KIMERASTORM: Theres a huge difference between this post and that thrice damned website [StormFront].

Second warning: dial it down a few notches Lukadin, you are way over the line.

So the post vanished, and I got two warnings from a community moderator for disagreeing with racist terminology. And I regret my actions so much. If only I'd taken the time to get to know this poor sweet white girl on her own in a strange place, really gotten to know her, instead of jumping to the outrageous conclusion that racist language is racist... things would be different.

What she said could have turned out to be utterly harmless and not bigoted at all. Why, she may even have a black friend lurking around out there somewhere, whose mere mention might have proved me completely wrong about the OP's racial hangups.

But alas, I never thought to give this poor white girl the entirely undeserved benefit of the doubt in my rush to heap disagreement insults and foul names upon her without mercy. Oh, INTERNET! I'm so ashamed of my not particularly bullying ways!

If Mom was alive, whatever would she think of me?

EDIT: This post contains all the sarcasm I held back during the wank. Since I was cockblocked by baleetion with plenty left to say to that idiot mod, I'm giving it all to you here and now so I won't get a headache. HOT POTATO!

October 13, 2008

Why Do I Get Myself Into This Shit

Last night in a community I frequent, somebody posted an rant called Welcome To The Jungle about her three black roommates. She says she calls them the African Queens to express that they come from another culture. The LJ cut text was Affirmative INaction.

She made several references to how multicultural the OP's school was, and how she isn't at all racist (and a whole off-topic paragraph about how much she hates affirmative action for screwing white people over, but she's totally, totally not prejudiced you guys). Now, how does she know the "African Queens" got into college because of affirmative action? She just knows.

These days I try not to start shit on LJ. I want to be less negative and snarky. But dammit, I had to say something, and now I am now being slammed in the comments by people who "know where she's coming from" because they, too, have had the heartrending and painful experience of being white and surrounded by dark faces, foreign languages and funny food smells*.

As far as they're concerned, the racial insensitivity of the OP doesn't matter because hey, the Africans were bad roommates. It's fucking depressing. One person even congratulated me for judging the OP based on text. The ensuing sarcasm tags offended me, so I offered to mail her some StormFront pamphlets, and urged her to not be judgmental of them.

*I exaggerate here...OR DO I?


Two more pages are up. Also, I have restored the fanart gallery at last! I will be adding the backlogged pieces for quite a while, so don't panic if yours isn't up there yet.

October 11, 2008

Haiku and Sleep Dep

Haiku2 for lukadia
image charged with
cultural and social cues
fatty represents
Created by Grahame


By the by, the Kagerou Fanart Gallery is back, in an early beta version sort of way: http://www.kagerou.org/fanart

When it's done I'll start troubleshooting and checking links. For now I'm just glad to have something to show for my 14 hours of (clumsy) html editing.

October 10, 2008

MinnCare A Lot

Seebs messaged me earlier to let me know that a package had arrived for me. It was a big envelope from Social Services, congratulating me on being poor enough to qualify for MinnCare coverage of my very own.

The cover letter went on to explain that now that I am officially registered, I need to go through the phonebook-sized stack of booklets, fill out some final forms, and choose one of the three plans available in my area. Basically, I need to call around and check to see which plan the various local medical facilities accept. Then I choose the plan that suits me best based on which one turns out to be the most convenient, and wait for my medical card to arrive.

Reading through the packet boggles my mind. Glasses, dental care, mental health, checkups, even freakin' chiropractors--it's all covered. I even get a copay on medicine prescriptions with a monthly limit of like $15.

The office of my therapist, who pushed me into going through with this in the first place, accepts MinnCare. So now I can go back and see her every week until she's thoroughly sick of me.

And I can finally get asthma medication to replace my dead mother's inhaler (which expired in 2004)! And have my wisdom teeth removed! And get my wrist problems checked out! And suffer through my first physical since 1994!

It's like moving to Canada but without the curiously sweet ketchup or the thousands of dollars' worth of immigration fees and citizenship testing. I'm rich, I tell ya! Rich beyond the dreams of avarice!

Next stop: FOOD STAMPS :)

October 7, 2008

At last, The GLBT Keychains Are Done

Look what I finally finished!

Wanna Buy Some Keychains?
Which One(s)?

Anything Else?

No PayPal? No worries. You can make out check or money order to:

S. D. Grindstaff c/o Studio Whipping Boy
204 7th St. W PMB #103
Northfield, MN 55057

(I'm Shipping to US and Canada only right now, since I haven't figured out yet how to calculate fees for the rest of the planet)

You Just Got Porkrolled

Terrorist Bacon Evacuates Lawmaker's Office

Staffers received the letter from Georgia by U.S. mail. After noticing it was leaking an oily substance, they called the Capitol police in Washington, who advised them to evacuate as a precaution and call in local authorities.

Multiple police agencies responded to the Republican congressman’s West Chester office and began an investigation.

After an X-ray analysis, investigators determined the package contained bacon.

SA goons will be holding a candlelight vigil outside the office tonight in memory of the wasted bacon.

October 4, 2008

Art Post - Lulutiel

Click for buttocks:

Anatomically it's flawed, but the line art is several years old so I let it go. It's good enough for fapping, which means it's good enough for me.

...Just kidding. I'm not that much of a loser. I only fap to other people's fanart.

PS: Foot fetish? Moo-wah?

October 3, 2008

You Suck At Photoshop

Rain sent me this fucking hilarious tutorial series the other day. I laughed my ass off through the entire saga.

Probably old meme but since I haven't heard of it, there's a good chance some of you haven't either. Enjoy!

PS - I am totally guilty of every no-no he describes. NA HA SHAMELESS.

October 1, 2008

Such big, strong hands...

You know what I want for X-Mas? A Neverending Story remake by the people who did the Golden Compass.

Don't know where we're going to find another mulleted girlyman to perform the theme song, though. Maybe Placebo would do it for yucks.

Fucking-A, I'm serious.