April 29, 2008

Freewinds Drydocked, Doomed and Dusted

Scientology's seafaring failboat of cancer, pollution and death is closed due to AIDS asbestos!

The Freewinds docked someplace in the Caribbean for repairs, and the drydock company found out about the blue asbestos dust that's been wafting to and fro inside the ship for the past couple decades.

The entire ship has been "sealed and isolated" as a biohazard while specialists try and find out how bad the problem is, and whether it can be salvaged. The shit has not even begun to hit the fan on this one, because that's where the cult shills go to do their OT8 levels (the highest level of Scientology). It's also where all the important Scientology functions are held, like the now-cancelled CCHR convention originally scheduled for next month.

All we need now is one closeted gay male superstar to be diagnosed with lung disease from his prolonged exposure and release the hounds.


April 27, 2008

Hurf Durf Simpsons Did It


April 26, 2008


Updated the comic! And now I can has a day off :D

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

Yeah bitches YEAH. I just kicked Whitebeard's powered-up ass and got Luffy's Pirate King cloak. UNF UNF UNF!

I beat the game weeks ago, but I'm still playing it to get all the items, costumes and themes for the 100% rating. Does that make me pathetic?

Roomies tell me UA is a lot like Warcraft in the run-around-and-gather-items department. Which means I owe all you WoW addicts an apology. I totally get it now.

And Unlimited Cruise Part 1 comes out this summer. I am in so much trouble.

I'm trying something new to fix my sleep disturbance. I'm going to enforce a bed time of 11 PM for the next month or two, and see if it establishes some kind of rhythm like the one normal people seem to have. I don't need bed-time to be set in stone, just hard enough to blow that I have to choose to do so and endure drowsiness as a consequence. The way I'm living now, I get a bad-ass case of jet lag that lasts for two days or more every time my schedule flips, and during that time I'm basically incapable of functioning. This happens at least once a month, so it's got to stop.

I had a dream this morning that I was watching my mom performing an autopsy on my younger sister in the bedroom. She was taking out the organs and inspecting them. My sister had died years ago and been placed in the freezer downstairs, and now she was thawed out and for some reason it was autopsy time. The bed was soaked with blood.

That freaked me out, so I went to school, and some kid got killed on the bus. The driver took a different route than we were used to, and when he stopped, there were police cars everywhere waiting to arrest us all.

I spent most of the rest of the dream in jail, and it was boring except for the part where I had to defuse a bomb in an endcap display case of cereal boxes, and ended up shorting it out with river water. People got pissed that their prison cereal was soggy and ruined, but they can suck my butt because I totally saved the day.

This morning I woke up to snow everywhere. It's melting now, but still coming down. I think I even saw an icicle on the bird feeder. Oh Minnesota. Land of emerald lawns and big honkin' snowmans.

I am on schedule for an update tonight and about to start shading.

April 25, 2008

Scientology Skewered on National TV

Oh my /b/rothers, last night was the most epic of all wins for Anonymous. We have ARRIVED.

Jenna Miscavige Hill, the disconnected niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was on Nightline last night, cutting into the lie that is the LRH Caek and serving the crumbs to America's nearly four million viewers.

This is huge. Media bigshots have been notoriously gunshy about Scientology ever since Time Magazine published their milestone "Scientology: Cult of Money and Greed" issue and got the bejesus sued out of them by the cult. Time eventually won, but it cost millions of dollars to fight off the horde. The CoS is nasty and uber-litigious and allocates much of its wealth to the care and feeding of their stable of trained attack lawyers, and if Time was feeling the heat, imagine what would happen to the Podunk City Sun-Sentinel.

A lot of mainstream reporters have been told to leave that particular stone unturned, which has helped the disease thrive in a general absence of educated criticism. Even Comedy Central and the creators of South Park got kicked around a bit for their "Trapped in the Closet" episode, and Isaac Hayes was forced to disconnect from everyone involved (which is why no more Chef.)

But now Jenna Miscavige is on Nightline talking about coerced abortions. Jenna is talking about disconnection. Jenna is talking about the protests on national TV.

Nightline's viewer demographic is about 25-54 years of age, and that's a group Anonymous has been having trouble reaching. We've got the youth culture already covered (South Park, the internet, and other assorted fun). What we need for real change is adults with connections, and this might be it.

Jenna (who is connected with the movement) said the interview was actually filmed weeks ago, but representatives of the Church of Scientology dragged their many-thetanned asses for ages on their rebuttal.

And oh what a rebuttal it was! "Come on now, peeps, everyone knows Jenna is a bad person! We don't want to talk about her crimes and make her feel bad, though, so OH LOOK! OXYGEN!" *flees*

See you on May 10, Scientology :) I hope you stocked up on BattleToads.

April 23, 2008

Ticked Off

A few minutes after I got home, I felt something moving on my head and brushed it off, thinking it was yet another box elder bug. An hour later I felt it again, grabbed a mirror and spotted this guy hanging out on my 'do:

I fled to the bathroom in a panic to do a full-body scan (no other unwelcome guests), and Seebs went and looked the Captain over. There was one parked on his head, so Seebs terminated it with extreme prejudice. And then I whipped out the flea/tick shampoo and gave the Captain a bath he's not likely to ever forget, before jumping in the shower myself to use up the last of the hot water.

Every minor tickling sensation behind my knee is now an ambush of crawling horrors. I don't mind most bugs, but ever since I lived in the Missouri Ozarks and got chomped on, ticks make a squealing bitch of me. It wouldn't be half as bad if they made a big to-do of attaching themselves to your body, but no. Instead they sneak in like tiny vampire ninjas to tap your lines.

The worst thing in the world for me would be discovering the interloper hours or days later by pure chance. Bloated ticks with waggling little legs could give Freddy fucking Kreuger the terrorshits. Things like that simply should not be sticking out of your flesh.

Deep Woods Off: TAKE ME AWAY!
I went on an epic 8.7 mile bike run today with the Captain. Then when we got home, I made myself a big frosty vanilla ice cream malt. I mixed in chocolate SlimFast for flavor and irony, so the resulting concoction was delicious beyond all other nummy chocolate treats in the universe.

Tonight is a comicking night. I'm absolutely ashamed of how shoddy my update schedule has become lately, and have decided to declare war on my own incompetence.

I expect it to end in failure, because incompetence is sort of like my brain's concept of an operating system.

Waaooh I'm tired. And it's pretty damn warm outside. I think this summer is going to be miserable.

April 21, 2008

Today's Scientology Post

The full version of Mark Bunker's interview with celebrity ex-Scientologist Jason Beghe has been posted, and damn is it fascinating.

Photo Post: April 2008

I took a whole mess of pictures on our bike ride yesterday. They got pruned down to the 30 best for web joy purposes. Here are some highlights.

Click for the whole gallery.

April 19, 2008

Update post

Two new pages up!

Christ, what's gotten into me lately? I'm so much flakier than usual, and I don't like it one bit. I'd better get my ass back into gear.

Also, I think I might be getting sick. My head feels like a cracked teacup full of bile.

April 18, 2008

Art Post - Do You Want Candy?

Posting it here because the DA version will make you log in to view it.


Yep. I blew today off and did this atrocious art-for-fun instead. Sometimes the muse just takes over, you know?



April 17, 2008

The War I Survived

We bought a pack of clothespins today at the grocery store.

Five minutes into the house, I had already stuck one on Rah's hoodie. Normally the game is to pretend you don't see it, but I kept getting the giggles and having to flee the room. Same with Jesse and Seebs.

Finally we were all standing around laughing at the perplexed victim, who realized the game. Cue traditional shout of "LEECHES! LEEEECHES!"

A couple minutes later, everyone in the room but me had been stealthily clothespinned.

Leeches everywhere. My turn could come anytime.

It's exactly like 'Nam.

Napping for Jesus

Took a nap to shake the malaise, which seems to have worked.

Had a dream where two of my friends got Born Again and then came to visit for a week at the same time.

Sample conversation, while watching Lilo and Stitch:

Them: "GASP!"
Me: "Huh?"
Them: "You... you said something bad."
Me: "Enh?"
Them: "You know, the..."
Me: "Dude, spit it out."
Them, scandalized: "You said the D word!"
Me: "..."
Me: "I think we're in for some serious trouble."
Them: "What do you mean? Do you use vulgar language often?"
Me: "You have no idea."

The rest of the dream was mostly flying around checking out cool scenery. Going out on bike rides seems to have brought this type of dream back out of the closet, which makes me a happy guy.

My Body Is Full Of Battletoads.


April 16, 2008

Feeling A Bit Enturbulated

Check it out, we're being banraid by the CoS! Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, so I think we should all feel very, very flattered by this.

Also, here's one of their promo images from the cult's "oh shit everyone is finding out about us" damage control campaign:

A rather unfortunate idea for a poster, considering what's going on in the news right now and the high potential for some Anon to come ditty-boppin' along and turn it into this:

For the Roomies

Ask me not about the Hellbrew.

Oh, for all the gods, ask me not.

April 15, 2008

Creepy Photo

I love how the ruins photoset came out. This is just the first of many, once I have the time.

It's insanely windy outside. First I noticed that my wind chimes hadn't stopped tinkling for an hour or so. Then the chimes were blown away. Then the screen door started rattling around and I had to get out of bed and remove the stick that was propping it open.

Then I had to get up again an hour later because the wind started blowing the door open and closed, to the point where it was shaking on the hinges. I had to fight to get it to swing closed and latch for good.

From then on, the wind just rattled the windows and hissed along my wall and generally startled me awake at regular intervals. Finally there wasn't much point trying to tell myself I could get decent rest with all that racket going on, so I got up and wandered around like a zombie instead. Utterly useless.

Over the course of the day, our rain gutters have been blown off and sent flying across the yard. So has a rubber bumper from around one of the trees and the stick from my screen door. My bike was knocked on its side. At several points, a gust hit my wall so hard it shook my whole computer desk.

Now back to the comic. If I have to die in a hurricane, I want to be at my post when the moment comes.

Some of My Favorite Music Videos of All Time

(I took down the Malice Mizer one because, like Gackt, it hasn't aged all that gracefully).

I'm so glad I was born in 1980.

April 14, 2008

Blowing In The Wind

Jason Beghes, famous actor who has been called the "voice of Scientology", has blown the cult and done an interview with Mark Bunker, and boy is he pissed.

Getting a little bit of my energy back. No bike ride today; I decided to give my body a day off to rest and adjust. Also I'm still drowsy as hell.

And Still More Scientological Failure

Belgium Scientology Org Raided, Shut Down By Authorities

And it took all day to upload them, but here are the videos I promised:

I'm still so completely exhausted from the protest. I slept like 12 hours and woke up feeling like it was time to go to bed and fall right to sleep. It was sunny and fairly warm out (45 degrees f) though, so I pushed myself and managed a kickass 9.3 bike ride with the dog. I stopped to snap a shit ton of photos of the collapsed mill, and will be doing Arts with them soon.

Glory of the cosmos unto thee, o Excedrin with caffeine.

PS - I totally failed to give a shout-out to the three readers so far who have found me at the rally. You are all completely adorable and very cool to hang with :) Let's do it again next month for Operation: FairGameStop.

April 13, 2008

Hang Drum

This is the coolest music I've heard in a while. Now I want to learn to play it (but since only two people in the world make hang hang, that's probably not likely).

Once, Twice, Three Times Anon.

The first protest, we were met with general suspicion. The second protest, we were met with curiosity. Our third protest was met with the words "We remember you guys. Keep up the good work."

Today I watched a Muslim man with four children walk by three times over a space of a few hours. In that time, he went from disinterest to curiosity to actually flagging down another passer-by in an electric wheelchair to ask her "Did you know about this!?" I gave the woman a flyer and she rolled off with it, looking scandalized.

The man's children were maybe 8 years old at the oldest, and they were involved in peaceful assemby for freedom of speech. They won't forget this in their lifetimes. Our music, our dancing and our free hugs made strangers stop to smile at us, and then want to know more. It was good times.

What we're doing is having a clear and positive effect on the world around us. The culture is ready for our message and we're kicking some ass.

And now for the best news all day:

The Dusseldorf Scientology center has been abandoned!

(The protest outside the empty org went ahead as planned.)

In summary, cake=lie, anons >9000, and so on. Suck it, Hubbard.

Video soon.

April 12, 2008


Back safe. Tons of video to upload. Was the best protest yet with a confirmed 150 people (and those are just the ones who remembered to sign in).

More later; hypothermia has set in and I need warm blankets and a nice long nap.

Good show, guys. Fucking good show.

Domesticide II

Today I got so stir crazy I had to finally admit that the weather wasn't going to let up long enough for a bike ride, and took the Captain out anyway.

It wasn't too bad on the way out. The rain was misty and there were some snowflakes, and it was blowing at our back. I figured the return trip was going to suck, but by then I'd be used to it, right?

Wrong. Ten minutes out, the misty rain and snow turned into tiny pebbles of burning sleet and the wind kicked into hyper-drive. When the trail ended, we finally turned around into a hell-storm the likes of which God himself would not dare to challenge.

This lasted the whole way home as I squinted my eyes to keep the sleet out of them. Later, as I took my dripping coat off in the mudroom, admired my purple sleet-blotched face in a mirror, and looked out the window, I saw that it had settled back into a soft and harmless snow.

So it goes.

I didn't make any protest signs for this rally. Instead, I helped trifold a bunch of pamphlets. My goal is to hand them all out or die in the attempt.

And right when I decided to go work on the comic since my schedule was finally free for the evening, Molly the cat pissed on Rah's bed and may or may not have decided to dump the load of catshit I found in the bathroom on one of our best towels. From there on, it was laundry, laundry, dishes and laundry. I didn't even glance at Corel, and now it's time for bed.

At least my life's not boring, right?

April 11, 2008

Lost in the Amazon

I just went to Amazon to submit my review of Dianetics, and it wouldn't allow me to review the book. Gave me some weird error page that said I can't review because I haven't used the site to buy anything yet. O RLY? Then where did I get all these paperback books about forensic medicine?

They should change the site name to FAILMAZON DOT COM.

So, like, the monthly Scifag protest is tomorrow. We're going to have freezing rain all day long, but Seebs bought me the huginest rainbow umbrella ever, so I'm not worried.

Hope to see a few of you Minneapolitans there, yah?

April 10, 2008

Dianetics: A Review

Still more Scientology fun, this time with Amazon.com reviews. They've been deleting negative reviews for a while now, but I think things are getting a little bit out of hand now. Glosslip has the scoop.

How exactly do you review a self-help book without mentioning your personal opinions on the subject matter?

Let me see if I can do it...

"L. Ron Hubbard, you've done it again!"
(Four Stars out of Five)

This is an excellent book. It has durable binding, good firm covers, and many pages in-between. I was especially impressed by the sequential numbering and generous quanity of these pages. These days, there are a lot of anemic, skimpy books on the shelves of your local bookstore. Call me old-fashioned, but I need a book with girth! In this respect, Dianetics became a personal favorite the minute I pulled it from the bargain bin.

The typeface was crisp and pleasant to look at, with words arranged into rows for easy reading. I had to remove one star because many of them were not in English, which did detract from the experience somewhat.

All in all, Hubbard clearly took a great deal of time and care in putting this thing together. I cannot recommend Dianetics enough.

If you're like me and enjoy slowly paging through sheaves of paper bound into book format and printed with words, Dianetics might be just what you're looking for.

Weather or Not

Attention, internet. We have thundersnow. I repeat, we have thundersnow.

Edit: I went outside on my porch to record this super-rare weather, and only realized after taping for about two minutes that I could see into my neighbor's shower. I am not sure, but I think the lady in there might have seen me. Not that I could make anything out, but it did end up in-frame for a while.


April 9, 2008

Recycled Death Note Buttons

I'm using this series of 2" buttons to test out my Etsy account.

These are not fanart. They are hand-made from actual pages cut from an actual copy of Death Note, Volume 2.

Imported, untranslated manga has very limited re-homing prospects in the US, so I've decided to recycle this book and its incredible artwork by turning it into a collection of buttons.

Interested in buying a set? There are six left! Etsy store is here. 1" buttons coming soon!

Today: gotta finish 2 pages of the comic, quit my fitness club membership (don't have time for the hamster wheel anymore because I'm getting plenty of exercise outside with the Captain) install some bike handlebar grippy thingies, wash the household laundry and dishes, pick up for the visits of both Spider and Rah's mom, shop for supplies and make more signs for the protest this weekend.

Oh, and I need to send in my registration info for Kumoricon. They have a table for me! FUCK YEAH! It's going to be my only con this year, I think.

I'm actually excited about it, because it's Oregon and I fucking love the west coast. And all the lovely little roadcuts on the way there and back *rockhound gleam*.

April 8, 2008

New Prints!

I did some toolin' around on my Studio Whipping Boy Store page. A lot of it was internal stuff (filenames, duplicate images, quality control) but I also dumped some truly lousy art out of my print page and put about 2 years' worth of good stuff in its place. Quite a bit of the finished full-page art you can find on my featured gallery is now available for sale as high-quality prints. Huzzah!

I still have a lot to do before I should call the store 'updated', but this'll have to do for now. Not bad for a weekend's frenzied work.

I'm trying to earn money to fix a crumbling tooth, which is hellacious good motivation to get off my butt and make stuff people want to buy. Not great for my update schedule, though, which sucks ass. Sorry!

A few people have asked, and yes, we accept PayPal and snail-mailed money orders.


April 7, 2008


Wikileaks Tells Cult of Scientology To Get Bent

This is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile, I neglected to mention this one while it was happening. Sean Carasov, the anon whose cat Mudkips was allegedly poisoned after his personal information was revealed at a protest by sign-bearing CoS members, and who was then arrested and charged with making threats to a Scilon, is free.

Furthermore, he has video evidence that shows the person who reported him made was lying to the cops, and the police are interested in pursuing the issue.

Failchurch is fail.

Suicide Shirts Available!

I have finally figured out PNG transparency, and as such, I have been able to upload the "Dong Suicide" image:

to my shirt store! On black shirts, even!

From the ones I've purchased, Cafepress stuff is decent and the shirts can last quite a while if you actually follow the washing instructions. I forgot and washed mine with the design facing out a couple of times and learned my lesson--but the same thing happened to my expensive FMA tee last month and it was much worse. The white fabric also tended to get a little dingy after a while, though I doubt that will be a problem with black fabric.

I intend to buy one of the black shirts and test it out so I can be sure it's good enough to ask people to pay for. Sight unseen, I can still promise you the product is better than anything I can make with my own crippled, flopping hands.

The Dong Suicide pic is up for a limited time only, since I plan to rotate my stock until I can afford to buy the privilege of having more than one design per clothing item.

Not into shirts? Give someone special in your life the Gift of Dongs! They'll never speak to you again.

Edit: BTW, I have no idea if the design will look good on any color other than black. Caveat emptor on that front while I order a couple and find out for myself.

Buttons: The Great Addiction

I kinda went on a button spree tonight.

There would be 15, but the leaf one sucked too much to share without an overhaul, and the Wicca button somehow managed to not save at all.

Buttons are available now from the awesome and sparkling Studio Whipping Boy Button Store!

Life could be worse, I reckon.

April 6, 2008

Biking For Yesterday

Eight and a half miles!

Fat guy on a bike!
Fat guy on a bike!
Rode so far, 'cause he don't wanna hike!
Fat guy on a bike!



Remind me not to let April sneak up on me again next year. I need to get off my ass and switch to a provider that doesn't charge $35 per year for a no-frills domain name. Or maybe one that lets me hide my home address and phone number from wannabe internet detectives.

Update's not done yet. My left wrist situation is dire, though the right one feels no pain at all. I think the flareup must have gotten into gear when I held the leash with my right hand and leaned all my weight on the left while biking pre-Springer. (Which, BTW, is still the best thing since sliced bread.) Thanks to my failure to be normal, soft side of the velcro on my left wrist brace has felted, and now I have to rubber-band it to make the tab stay shut.

Anyone recommend handlebar configurations/inventions to reduce nerve injury, short of adjusting the height of the handlebars (which isn't possible)? A cool person in the comments here mentioned end-caps, and Steve says you can buy those large enough to hang onto and reposition your entire grip.

Anonymous: EXPOSED!

Confused about who's pulling our strings? Check out this handy-dandy flowchart.

Please don't show this to the Scilons. They don't know about the Freemasons yet.

Luka Makes Emo Arts!


April 5, 2008

I be proofin'.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had these horrible wrist problems. I used to have weak ankles too, although that's gone away and been replaced by similar problems with the knees.

At one point when I was 10, I couldn't stand the pain anymore, so my mom took me to have blood tests. Arthritis runs in the family, but they failed to diagnose me with anything. As far as I can recall, they never even suggested if I might have arepetetive strain injury. So it got worse and for years and years I just dealt with the pain and assumed nothing could be done about it. Now it's really bad.

The Captain and I found and followed a really awesome trail to the next town and back for most of the afternoon, but I'm paying for it now. My left hand has decided to go on strike. If I won't torch my bicycle, it's just going to have to punish me with shooting pain and numbness until I learn my lesson.

Typing is really awkward thanks to the brace and reduced sensation, so I'm off the comp for a while.

Why does biking have to be so fucking addictive? I want to keep riding all day long, no matter how much it hurts. Ah well, at least there's always ibuprofen.

Edit: I've also been lacing nummy treatfood with hot peppers to try and teach the Captain not to steal food off my desk. He ate the pizza with Thai dragon peppers without any ill effects, and didn't even blink at a tablespoonfull of cayenne pepper sprinkled over rice. We're thinking of trying wasabi or habanero, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to give up and admit that my dog is the only creature native to the Midwest that sincerely enjoys spicy food.

Website Woes Cont'd

Problem technically fixed, but the DNS must still be re-propagating because we're not back yet.

Blaaaaah. Hurry up, internet!

April 4, 2008

Site Temporarily Down

Did you know April is International Pay Your Domain Fee You Dumbkopf month?

Because I forgot. Again. Third time in as many years, if I recall correctly, and I still havent' learned a goddamn thing.

Sit tight and don't panic--the fix won't take too long. I'll post when it returns and let you all know.

Vote Vote Vote!

Oh, and before I sleep, this wants a repost.

Art Post Again!

Big one this time. Click for hyooj, as usual.

It's foggy and smells like spring outside. I almost don't want to go to bed, but I'm tuckered. I spent all afternoon making stuff for studio orders, biking the dog, and drawing two pics I'm actually proud of. I think I can go to bed without feeling like I wasted the day.

April 3, 2008

Spring, Springer, Springest!

The Springer arrived yesterday. It took me the entire evening and the help of three roomies, a hammer and a pineapple flavored lollipop (yes, really) to install it on the bike.

In the end it would not fit on the seat tube part in any configuration that didn't end with my heel slamming into the S-tube, so I ended up moving it up to the seat post instead. It still wiggles back and forth a bit when the dog really pulls, but that bitch is bolted on like whoa and it's not coming off anytime soon.

After it was installed, I put the harness on the Captain and took him out for a past-midnight ride around the town. It was not a positive introduction. When I snapped the lead in place, he was so terrified of the alien technology that was pulling on him that he yanked the spring mechanism almost horizontal in a bid for escape. When that failed, he threw himself splay-limbed to the ground and beseeched me with huge dark eyes full of trauma and betrayal.

I started walking the bike, and this drove him into another panic. He struggled and skidded and flailed, all to no effect. Then I hopped on the bike and said "let's go!"

All of a sudden it clicked in his tiny doggy brain that we were about to go on BIKE RUN, and all animosity toward the Springer was forgotten. We rode through the town, past the dog park, across major intersections, past birds and ducks and all the other distractions by which a dog could be enchanted. His pulling sometimes necessitated correction in my steering, but it wasn't bad at all. We flew along with him insisting on a full gallop nearly the entire time.

It was great.

Today the temperature got all the way up to 51 f, so I threw the harness back on him and we went out for another run. A nice short run was the plan, only it got a little out of control:

I was good for a longer trip, but the Captain had the squats and was starting to fade, so we turned back after we reached the next town. 5.2 miles, like it was nothing.

A few times he did pull me pretty hard, but the spring mechanism slows down the wavering enough to correct for even that much if you're paying attention. The only times I felt at risk were when I was riding too close to the edge of the pavement when he pulled from where he was running on the grassy part of the shoulder. One strong pull from there, and the wheel would pop off the pavement and the bike would jar, and balance was threatened. I'll need to be careful of that.

Also, the harness that comes with the Springer is a cheap little strap of rough nylon that slides around during the ride and bunches up against his shoulders and neck. It's a friction sore waiting to happen and I need to replace it with a proper harness as soon as I have money.

Conclusion: The Springer is a fucking amazing invention, and I am absolutely happy with its performance. The Captain loves it. I took his leash off in the front yard and he sat on the porch until I had the bike locked up and his poo bags thrown away. No interest in running away whatsoever--he wanted water, dinner and sleep in that order, and screw the squirrel in the yard next door.

At present, my high-energy huntin' dawg is stretched out on my bed in what appears to be a state of coma. I don't expect to hear from him for at least six hours.

To do list: New harness for puppydog, padded handlebar covers, and some serious padded gloves. Also I need to ice my left wrist if I ever want to use it again. Currently it's so weak and numb I can barely lift my iPod. Typing is starting to become painful, so I'm gonna get away from the computer and stick it in a brace now.

Man, I missed biking.

April 2, 2008

Shinies From Luka's Sketchbook

Click for huge!

April 1, 2008


Aghhh fuck. My inhaler ran out and now I'm having an asthma attack from riding my bike in the cold wind. I'm sure I have another one somewhere that still has a few shots left, so now I've got to tear my room apart looking for it.

Stupid lungs.

At least winter's almost over and this won't be an issue for a while.

EDIT: Woo! Jesse found a backup inhaler tossed in a box somewhere. It's too late to prevent the secondary symptoms (crazy itching and constant urge to cough, plus major congestion within a few hours), but at least I'll be able to breathe through it.

Secondhand smoke: Make your child's future a more exciting place!

CoS Protester Films Police Brutality

Holy SHIT.