February 29, 2008

I Like Good News

Kendra Wiseman posted:

Hi Everyone,

Today, I go public. Today, I no longer hide behind a pseudonym. As of today, a new website, www.exscientologykids.com, launches.

This website was created as a collaboration between Astra Woodcraft, Jenna Miscavige Hill, and myself, Kendra Wiseman. It contains the stories of numerous children who grew up in Scientology, as well as easy-to-understand critical information for Scientology kids, and for people who are new to the Scientology critics movement.

I want to thank everyone on this forum who has supported me over the last two years while I dealt with disconnection. Your efforts, and the efforts of Anonymous, have made me feel safe speaking up. I want to afford the same luxury to others who may not feel so safe.

To read my story, and the stories of other children who grew up in Scientology, please check out the stories index on our site, which can be found at http://www.exscientologykids.com/storiesindex.html

If you have a story of growing up in Scientology, long or short, with your name or anonymously, we will publish it.

Thanks again. Enjoy.

Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Brother, Nephews and Nieces: I'm sorry, as I know this will upset you all further. I do feel that this truly is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. I love you all. Please don't let them convince you that I'm a suppressive person. Remember me.

Much Love,

Also happymaking: The thermometer in the backyard went all the way up to 45 this morning! It snowed a few more inches last night over the muck and ice, and now the sunshine is making the world almost too bright to look at. It's really windy, and all the wind chimes in the neighborhood are going at once.

I'll miss winter, but ooooh I can't wait for spring.

February 28, 2008

Help Fix Rachel's Wonky Mouth!

Keffy linked me to this, and I'm throwing it up here to show some love and solidarity for a fellow webcomicker in a fix.

I know too well what it's like to be a self-employed comic artist with dental care that gets neglected due to financial constraints--but at least my jaw isn't falling apart, and the fillings I probably need won't cost $25,000.

Fix Rachel's Wonky Mouth
Aaaaannnnd the original Message to Scientology video has been removed again for TOS violations.

Anonymous March 1 Protest: LA

CCHR 39th Annual Awards Dinner -- Anonymous Demonstration
We have already informed the police. No permits are necessary.

Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Saturday, March 1st 5:00pm Show-Up Time (Try not to be late, but lateness is understood)
We will stay until the dinner is over. There is some concern that they may prevent attendees from leaving until we depart; we intend to stay the night. BRING WARM CLOTHES (and/or blankets if you stay late) and be prepared for a long one! If you need to depart you are welcome to do so at any time, but we fully expect to stay until they let their attendees out.

IRC Meeting for Questions, etcetra:
irc.partyvan.org #socal
THURSDAY, February 28th, 8:00pm Pacific Time

L. Ron Hubbard educated his followers on how to deal with your enemies. He instructed them that if you can't find something in a person's past, make something up. Psychiatrists are Scientology's self declared enemies. It makes you wonder how many people have had their licenses pulled due to fabricated malpractice claims.

Elli Perkins died March 13th, 2003 at the hands of her Schizophrenic son, Jeremy. Elli was stabbed 77 times after years of trying to help her son's mental health condition using Scientology. Scientologists are often opposed to any form of psychiatric care, stating that it 'does not work'. The doctor concluded that "he was suffering from certain digestive problems, that he had certain chemical toxins in his body. And he needed to be purged of it. And he needed to be energized through vitamin therapy." Elli Perkins gave Jeremy the vitamin treatment to no avail. Jeremy was set to leave in the afternoon of March 13th. On this day, following a fight with his mother, he took a shower during which he attempted to slit his own wrists. After exiting the shower he went to the kitchen where Elli was on the phone, took a steak knife, and brutally stabbed her to death.

If he had been granted access to psychiatric treatment, perhaps Elli would still be alive. If Lisa McPherson had been granted psychiatric help, rather than being locked in a room to "ride it out" perhaps she would still be alive.

"CCHR is a Scientology Front Organization"
"Lisa McPherson Was Denied Psychiatric Help"
Any signs specifically targeting the Church of Scientology
CCHR Specific signs; more cases of those who died due to lack of Psychiatric help

Please, no "honk if you hate" signs. No "honk" signs in general; that is a police request.

Our audience will not be the general public. Our audience will be almost entirely CCHR/CoS patrons. Do not expect a friendly reception, or multitudes of supporters honking at us. This one is about impact.

Do plan on wearing your Guy Fawkes mask or other coverings. Bring alternative covering in case the masks become an issue. Once again, many of us will be wearing suits; we're also in a somewhat glitzy area so looking nice won't hurt (just BE WARM. Ladies, short dresses, as much as I love them, you'll freeze to death).

Much as I hate to have to say this: God damn, I wish I were in LA this week.

February 27, 2008

Bullying Helpless Mennonites, or "How Not To Win An Internet"

I just had the most wonderful chat with one of my readers on AIM, and thought I should share it here as an object lesson for the rest of you. Their SNs are not obscured because I less than care at this point.

Evil the Kid: yo
Luka Pants: heyaq
Evil the Kid: I won an internet today
Luka Pants: oh>
Luka Pants: how so?
Evil the Kid: I scared a menonite shitless
Evil the Kid: The story is as follows:
Bad Habit: well, I was driving my car on a rural road, and I come up behind one.
Bad Habit: I turned off my lights and drifted towards him (he was riding a bike)
Bad Habit: I got fourty five feet behind him, and then turned on my lights and revved the fucking engine
Bad Habit: He fucking bolted, and almost went in a ditch
Bad Habit: As I passed him, I honked my horn many times
Luka Pants: ehhh? Why did you do that?

*** "Evil the Kid" signed off at Tue Feb 26 22:45:10 2008.

*** "Evil the Kid" signed on at Wed Feb 27 16:38:22 2008.

Luka Pants: So you were telling me your story last night.

Evil the Kid: Yes, yes I was
Evil the Kid: keyboard wacked out and wouldn't let me type
Evil the Kid: I believe you asked why I would do such a thing
Evil the Kid: two reasons

Luka Pants: Do tell!
Luka Pants: I've been burning to hear it.

Evil the Kid: 1) He was in the middle of the road, with narry a reflector (pitch black outside)
Evil the Kid: 2) because he was swerving, and I assumed that he was quite drunk

Luka Pants: I don't get it. He was being unsafe, so you endangered his life...?

Evil the Kid: I only scared him

Luka Pants: You said you almost sent him into a ditch. From my experience with bikes, that's a damn good way to kill a guy.

Evil the Kid: If he looked like he got hurt, I would've pulled over and assisted him
Evil the Kid: whether it was my fault or not

Luka Pants: So you pulled some cruel petty shit on a member of one of the most pacifistic religions on the planet and almost caused him to have an accident. How does that win you an internet, and why did you think I would pat you on the back and say "good job!" ?

Evil the Kid: Pacifistic?

Luka Pants: That's been bugging me all night, see. Because far from laughing at the hijinks, I felt literally sick to my stomach reading your posts.

Evil the Kid: I got chased down by those fuckers one time
Evil the Kid: they shot at me

Luka Pants: I was kind of hoping you might explain what the fuck you were thinking.
Luka Pants: Ah, so he got to pay for somebody else's actions? Awesome.

Evil the Kid: do all scientologists brainwash?

Luka Pants: Did it ever cross your mind that one of my biggest missions in life is to stamp out assholes who bully others for their own amusement? If so, how does that jibe with you bragging at me about what you did to the poor bastard?
Luka Pants: I'm very curious.
Luka Pants: I do like to talk about how much it pisses me off seeing somebody fuck with the weak, see. I'm not quiet about it at all.

Evil the Kid: Kay, I did something stupid. I'll admit it

Luka Pants: I hope I don't give off a "please tell me all about the puppy you kicked" vibe.

Evil the Kid: Nope

Luka Pants: No, you did something unbelievably stupid and downright evil. From a simple traffic standpoint, you put the guy's life in danger. But you also thought it was fun times.
Luka Pants: That's just sad, and I really feel bad hearing it.
Luka Pants: I mean, what the fuck?

Evil the Kid: Well, looks like I fucked up then

Luka Pants: And you needed me telling you this to figure that out? Dude, I am so done with you.

*** "Evil the Kid" signed off at Wed Feb 27 18:15:04 2008.

Who knows? I could be the asshole here. Maybe some dude in a funny hat DID try to pop a cap in your edgy little ass during a gallop-by shooting. Maybe this guy deserves to be stalked and terrorized on a public roadway for being a Mennonite and failing to use a bike reflector--I'm not a sadist; I can't make that judgment call.

But please, people. Please, please, PLEASE, if your idea of good clean fun is to go single out and abuse the weak and defenseless, don't fucking come to me and ask for a high-five. It's hard enough facing the chaos of this modern world without imagining your bigoted, bullying ass being part of it.

Scientology And The Floof Goofers

This just posted on SA:

"Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company regarding a possible association with the Church of Scientology.

As an enterprise conducting business in more than 200 countries, The Coca-Cola Company respects diverse cultures and beliefs around the world. However, the Company is not affiliated with any specific religion, including the Church of Scientology.

In regards to the booklet, “The Way to Happiness,” Coca-Cola Pakistan made a donation to the National Office of The Way to Happiness Pakistan in Karachi, Pakistan. This small donation was made with the specific understanding that The Way to Happiness was a Non-Government Organization (NGO), with no religious affiliation, providing non-religious support for the local community, including services for the blind. Coca-Cola Pakistan’s contribution was made with the good faith understanding that the National Office of The Way to Happiness Pakistan provided goods and services -- books, Braille imprints, language translations, etc.—to the needy and handicapped similar to other non-profit organizations active in Pakistan. In soliciting the contribution, The Way to Happiness Pakistan did not indicate an affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Pakistan will not renew donations for “The Way to Happiness.”

In case you missed it, this letter is in reference to a video that shows David Miscavige bragging about international sponsorship from Coca-Cola, Dell, 7-11 and Philips Electronics. Check it out here.

People immediately began contacting those companies to ask about this, and so far every response has been along the lines of Coke's reply above. Dell, Philips and 7-11 were also unaware they were funding front groups for a cult. Even Kimora Lee, who was featured in the video as a celebrity who distributed Scientology literature, was quick to deny any connection. And now the CoS has lost their sponsorship for good.

This is one of the many ways that lazy, "takes five minutes and you never even have to leave your computer desk" internet activism has actually made a difference.

When the truth is on your side, one phone call or letter can be all it takes to goof the enemy's floof.

February 26, 2008

Dog Park Drama!

Argh, dammit.

I just had another run-in with the chocolate lab's owners at the dog park. I think I posted about it this fall, but in case I didn't:

Lady comes in with a large but very young chocolate lab puppy. The puppy is eager to meet the other dogs at first, but it's extremely timid and skittish. It becomes easily overwhelmed and squeals in fear during normal rambunctious puppy play.

Every time this happens, the lady rushes to her puppy in a panic, wraps it up in her arms, and comforts it in a shrill voice. "It's okay! It's okaaaaay!" and so on. The other dog approaches again, and the lady shooes it away because she is now convinced it's a vicious bully for picking on her Fido. She takes special care to swat at my dog, probably because "he's wearing a muzzle" (read: Gentle Leader headcollar). He must be bad news, right?

This act happens over and over again with the various dogs at the park. By the time the lady takes her puppy out of the park, it has been transformed into a shaking, cowering wreck. It cringes and runs to her for protection whenever another dog comes within ten feet of it. Its body language is screaming "get me out of here." The hysterical bitch has trained her puppy to be terrified of other dogs.

A couple of months later, the same lady comes back with the same puppy. It has grown quite a bit. It's still trying to play with the other dogs, but the damage has been done to its spirit. The lady continues to intervene and rescue her dog at every sign of discomfort, and it has taken to yelping in fear at the slightest physical contact.

Yet again the lady singles my dog out as being out of control, and I can see her repeatedly fretting over their extremely normal play and shooing the Captain away.

That brings us to today.

This time it isn't the lady, but a big guy in a parka. I'm guessing he's the lady's husband. The dog is now enormous, and seems to know it. The minute I see them, I groan. The lab has caused drama every time it shows up, and I have a bad feeling things are only going to get worse.

It will play normally with a single dog and for short burst, but if more than one dog approaches, it immediately goes into an aggressive stance and bares its teeth and makes as if to bite the other dogs. Its body language is still screaming "GET ME OUT OF HERE" but now it's big enough to be dangerous to whoever it finally loses its temper with.

Well, now the Captain has decided the lab is fun times. They get to playing and all is well. Running around, no big whoop. Then the Captain starts nipping at the other dog's butt.

This nipping is an annoying stage he seems to be going through. He picked it up from roughhousing and hasn't quite figured out that it's not appropriate to pester other dogs who aren't into puppy-wrestling, plus he's got those single-minded Pointer instincts that cause him to sometimes tune me out when he's really focused on something.

I put his little zappy collar on him for just this eventuality. If he gets fixated on some dog that doesn't want to play, I hit the little button that increases the radius of the signal, and walk up to him and tell him "leave it." He'll get beeped and run off with the distinct impression that nipping the unwilling is a good way to get mysterious punishment rained down on him from the sky. No muss, no fuss, and it only takes one beep to teach him that harassing that particular dog is bad.

Our trainer was actually doubtful that this behavior is even a problem, but I'd rather teach him not to nip than have him escalate and become the kind of nuisance that makes the other owners take their dogs home. Plus, the little fucker needs to learn to leave it when I say leave it.

So yeah, Captain is nipping and the chocolate lab goes into its spazz mode, yelping and showing teeth. Right around then, the lab's handler starts flipping the fuck out. I don't know where the lady learned her dog handling from, but this guy got a double dose. He starts yelling at me.

"Your dog is ACTUALLY BITING!"

"No, he just plays rough sometimes. Dogs play rough."


"Uh, no, he's really, really not. Calm down." The worst thing is that the guy obviously has no idea that dogs take their behavior cues from us. I personally wouldn't throw a big old bitch-fit in the middle of a dog park unless I was ready for my dog to come to my rescue and tear whoever he thinks is bothering me to shreds.

Meanwhile my dog has begun running around his dog, happily nipping at its flanks and having a fine old time in general, and his dog is baring its teeth and yelping. I won't allow my dog to harass somebody else's dog, and this qualifies as a situation I would absolutely intervene. Still, a child could tell that all the danger was in that poor mixed-up lab's head.

I'm already taking off my bag and fishing for the little gizmo that activates the zap collar. I pull it out and turn it on. Through all of this, the guy is snarling at me to "CONTROL YOUR DOG! YOU NEED TO CONTROL YOUR DOG!"

For whatever reason, the zappy thing doeesn't work (probably the cold). So I pick up a stick and throw it. And my dog, that vicious killing machine who cannot be diverted from his goal of ripping the chocolate lab to pieces, goes "OOH! A STICK!" and runs off after it. Problem solved, without recurrence.

I look back about 30 seconds later, and the same thing is happening with the lab and a sweet little cattle dog mix. The lab is freaking out, the cattle dog is nipping, only no one is getting yelled at to control their dog.

Next time I see that chocolate lab, I'm going to take the owner aside. They're teaching that dog to become a fear-biting nervous wreck and that is not okay. At the very least, the dog is a threat to the other animals and probably shouldn't be subjected to the chaotic environment until he's been socialized with other dogs.

I'm being practical and handling the Captain's rough play stage on my own, but that lab is a fucking time bomb and he gets worse every time I see him. The owner turning it into a bullying drama with their pet as the helpless victim and themselves as supportive leaders is only making things worse.

By the time I convinced myself to stand up to him and face whatever argument would undoubtedly ensue (we're so protective of our pets), he was already out the gate. Next time I see them, I vowed, I won't even wait for there to be a problem before I speak up.

Oh yeah, and for sanity check purposes I talked to another handler who was there during the non-fight. She said the lab was obviously causing the disturbance, which made me feel better. She was actually surprised when I told her why the guy was pissed at me.

Funnily enough, a few minutes later the Captain DID get into a fight. A boxer in a winter coat kept coming up and jumping him, and for whatever reason they ended up in a snarling ball of angst. And you know what? The owner and I quietly waded in and separated our beasties, exchanging pleasantries. "Ah well, looks like these two don't get along too well." And that was that.

I need to get a proper training collar, though. Something with a tone-only setting that can be activated from more than 12 feet away.

Cabin Fever

Holy Christ, there's so much to do outdoors in the Northfield area. Hiking, fishing, camping, mondo bike trails... and with a drive north, tons of rock collecting. St. Paul has some rare exposed areas of Ordovician rock, full of marine fossils. The North Shore has Lake Superior agates and Thomsonites. I've found more crystals than I could carry home in rockpiles along the river not more than three blocks away from where I'm sitting now, and I barely had a month to explore before the weather turned.

The only downside is that I can't find any swimming areas that aren't municipal pools. That's something I miss about Oregon--the rivers where you can see the rock-and-pebble bottom through ten feet of crystal-clear water. You don't dare dive in the first time because estimating the depth is so tricky.

However, they do have rocky rivers in the Duluth area. And I can drive again! So I'm thinking I'll take a jaunt up north when it gets back up to 60 degrees fahrenheit. Maybe bring a little metal rake so I can check out the river gravel for interesting minerals.

Until then, though, I'll be over here, going insane while I pore over outdoor adventure blogs and trail maps on Google Earth.

How I itch to go exploring. There is so much to do if you're willing to give up spending all your time on the internet. And oh boy, am I ever. Getting a high-energy dog and moving to the country have done wonders for my spirit.

February 25, 2008

Hair Post #9

The wooden hairsticks I ordered arrived today! They're pretty plain but they get the job done and can be decorated when I have more time. I only need one for the basic bun I usually wear. I decided to take pictures before bed:

I had no idea the bun was so big*. My hair tapers like whoa thanks to my tendency to chop off bangs and undercut the back, and it feels a lot smaller when I'm putting it up. Looking at the pic, I am amazed yet again that one little wooden stick can hold it all up there like that. It's like I'm a warlock.

Also, I can see it's past due time to re-henna. The length now appears to be permanently red, but the roots have grown out a lot since April. I'm also done growing out the bleach damage to give the front a rest. It'll be time for more rainbow action in a week or two, depending on when I can get the bleach.

*Now now, it's no use giggling over the size or abnormal number of buns on a Luka. everyone in the house already did that when I went around showing it off, and I am now immune. Na-ha!

February 24, 2008

Rice-A-Roni: Cheaper than Ever

Oh God, oh GOD....

In an interview with TIME, the best-selling author of Interview with the Vampire and The Queen of the Damned, has revealed that she plans to write one last book about Lestat, the feared, yet beloved, blood-sucking main character in her gothic novel series. "When I published my first book about the Lord I said I would never write about those characters again," Rice acknowledged. "But I have one more book that I would really like to write. It will be a story that I need to tell."

Upon returning to the church after a more than three decade absence, the author in 2005 dramatically and publicly declared that she would never again return to writing about vampires. Said Rice in an interview with Christianity Today: "I would never go back, not even if they say you will be financially ruined. I would be a fool for all eternity to turn my back on God like that."

But never say never. While Rice justifies her decision by saying the book will have a definite Christian framework and a focus on the theme of redemption, she admits that the future chronicle will once again involve the character Lestat and a fictional organization known as the Talamaska that is responsible for investigating the supernatural. Much like the author herself, Lestat will be wrestling with the existence of God throughout the story. "I don't see it as a violation of my promise, because I won't be writing about vampires in the same way," Rice maintains.


Anonymous Addresses David Miscavige

Hahahaha, this is the funniest one yet.

February 23, 2008

"I'll be waiting in our special place... with Dramamine!"

Ugh, I don't feel well at all.

I was playing a little Silent Hill 2 on a break from working on the comic, and damn if watching my main man Jimmy Wonderbread run around in the dark with a flashlight didn't make me carsick as hell. Even turning down the brightness on the TV didn't stop the nausea and headache, so I'm going to lay down and see if that helps.

But hey, I finally got to Pyramid Head's notorious introduction sequence. That guy is smoother than $240 worth of pudding.

February 22, 2008



That is all. Back to work.

Scientology In Turmoil, Now Is The Time

Big shit has been happening. Shawn Lonsdale, a prominent and vocal anti-Scientology filmmaker who abruptly ceased his activism in 2006 after being Fair Gamed mercilessly by the cult, was found dead in his home with a garden hose in the window which was attached to the tailpipe of his car.

The Clearwater police (you know, the ones who wear cop uniforms during off-duty hours in the employ of the cult for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year) believe it was a suicide, as there was a note. No foul play is suspected.

I read (but have not yet been able to confirm) that his death was announced online before the police were alerted by a post on alt.religion.scientology, which reads:
"We are anonymous
We do not care about your friend or his death
We do not care about scientologists or their beliefs
We are not your private army
We do what we do because we have chosen to"

Note the mangled memespeak.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I think he was murdered (especially if he had a history of depression, as I have read), but I am suspicious for obvious reasons.

But who knows, maybe he got tired of receiving all those death threads over the phone and being told "people in your line of work don't live too long around here" and offed himself to save David Miscavige the trouble.

Update on the Scientology situation from a user calling him or herself Quentin Hubbard:

It seems this is the appropriate place to be posting this information; over the course of the last month the Church has been investigating potential 'trouble spots' inside the organization. Various amounts of security or "sec checking" are occuring at even the highest levels. You will no doubt has noticed that there is at least one credible source of information inside of the Commodore's Messenger Organization. What you may NOT know is that there is also a leak inside of Office of Special Affairs [OSA]. For the last two weeks there has been, an identified leak inside of Special Affairs but the folks over at Special Affairs being the goons they are decided it was easier to deal with this problem internally rather than submit to David Miscavige and suffer the blow-back which would inevitably come from such a problem.

With all of the people inside and outside posting information, I thought I'd just drop the "hat" and tell you there is indeed at least one possibly two sources of information inside of OSA and these people are not leaking bad information, they are leaking VERY good information.

(This is probably in response to the leaked "Marcabian psychiatrists are controlling Anonymous" stuff that's been coming up from several sources).

And another from Arnie Lerma:

I am getting reports from recent defectors, JUST left from Scientology that Flag income is down 50% from 2003 and the only statistics that are up are refund/repayment demands

new critical data that may have the power to reopen past legal cases is coming out.

I have been contacted by ..... 18 new now ex-scientologists in less than a week, and have heard that Tory and many others are being swamped with calls from ex members, sometimes getting together in GROUPS to place the call to Lermanet.com! Fr the last week, the telephone here has been ringing one call after another..

I've said that when scientology goes down it is going to go down as fast, and as unexpctedly, as the Berlin Wall fell..

I'm getting the feeling THIS IS IT.


God I hope so. I never want to see Tory Christman cry again over yet another dead friend who got tangled up in Scientology.

February 20, 2008

Scientology Tells eBay to Dance For Its Amusement

Let's shit on the law a little bit more, shall we?

eBay is yanking auctions for used E-meters at the command of the cult of Scientology. That's right, even if you paid $5,000 and own it free and clear, the CoS feels you should not be allowed to sell your own property since, after all, they invented it*.

Same gleeful abuse of the legal system, different victim.

And this is just plain astounding. Someone posted a video of David Miscavige giving a victory bash to celebrate getting away with killing Lisa McPherson.

Don't miss his argument that the autopsy results were faked because the medical examiner was a sleeper agent for psychiatry (evidence: she was in favor of Prozac!) and was trying to bring down the church.

There was also something about a similarly-intentioned conspiracy being led by the eeeevil German government and Clearwater police force, but I lost the pertinent details in the sudden roar of my own laughter.

*Except not really. It's just a wheatstone bridge with a plastic dashboard.

I can has lunar eclipse nao?


Minnesota types, look thee heavenward starting around nine for the best part. We won't get another one of these til 2010 so make it last and take some pictures.

No One Is Fax Exempt

Oh yeah, before I hit the sack:

Seebs and Steve's junk fax extermination campaign made the front page of the Pioneer Press!

The only downside is that they didn't include the story of the time Steve managed to slip the phrase "you stole Fizzy Lifting Drink" in the body of a legal document during one such lawsuit. That, to me, is the apex of their hijinks.

Also, I notice they used a slightly menacing pic of Seebs. BEWARE, PAPER-WASTING EVILDOERS, FOR YOU FACE THE TICK!

I'm A Drag Queen, Not A Flava

Just as I got down to my last hair clip, I spontaneously figured out how to use hairsticks! Unfortunately I don't OWN any hairsticks. I'm making do with chopsticks and ballpoint pens until I can get some.

Oh yes, I said CHOPSTICKS. And yes, they're USED.


The niamh elite on LJ had some links to some truly awesome fire opal-decorated hair sticks, but they were out of my price range at the moment, so I decided to order a whole pack of plain wooden ones instead. They're super cheap and come with holes drilled in the ends to be decorated however you like.

I loved nothing more than making weird jewelry as a kid, and I miss it. I even have all the tools I need for beadwork. But thank the gods, the sticks won't come for some time. I have too much shit to do this week as it is!

Today: bought new clothes. Found out that I'm only a size 18 when dressing in drag. And I now own my first ever pair of women's jeans! They fit weird. I'm not used to pants that aren't baggy as hell. I'll admit it is refreshing to not need to roll up the cuffs four times just to keep them from dragging on the floor.

This comes right as my last pair of long pants is about to give up the ghost. Jeez, it's been a day for near misses, hasn't it?

February 18, 2008

Anonymous Announces "Operation Reconnect"

SWEEEET. This is the best terrorism yet.


Two more pages! Ooh ahh plot!

February 17, 2008

Ship of fools, Shit in pools...

The Freewinds is the exclusive training center for OT VIII (Operating Thetan Level 8), the highest level of Scientology and the last of the published OT levels. Initiates who have reached the highest levels must receive their training on the Freewinds, as the Church does not allow it to take place in any other location.

Besides the OT VIII training, the Freewinds is used for delivering lower-level classes and auditing services. It is also used as a recreational vessel for Scientologists, including celebrities such as Tom Cruise.

-Impact magazine no. 111, Oct 2005

Tom Cruise? How glamorous! I wish I could go.

"One day Steve and I went into one of the cabins and he took a hammer and removed a section of paint from the outer steel wall. Under the layer of paint I noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance approximately 1 1/2" thick between the paint and the steel wall. I told him I thought it was asbestos, which is a hazardous substance, and the fibers must not be allowed to go airborne. I went into the engine room, saw a section where ceiling panels had been removed, and saw a big chunk of blue asbestos
hanging down. I went to the Chief Engineer and said there is exposed asbestos in the engine room. He said that it was not asbestos.

"On board were the original plans from the shipyard. Even though the notations were in Finish, I saw the word asbestos over and over. The ship was divided vertically into fire compartments with steel walls that ran the full height of the ship. They were lined both sides with 2-3 inches of blue asbestos. The underside of every deck was lined in asbestos. The outside walls of the ship had been sprayed with asbestos. All the ceiling panels contained asbestos. Around this time Bitty Miscavige visited the ship. I went to her and took copies of the ships blueprints and showed her the full extent of asbestos on the ship. Steve Kisacky stated that L. Ron Hubbard doesn't state in policy that asbestos is dangerous; he only states that fiberglass is dangerous and therefore we are only removing the fiberglass. It was explained to me that the ship was being remodeled only according to the written policies and 'advices' of L. Ron Hubbard. Since Hubbard had been in the US Navy and had then founded the Sea Org and had run a fleet of ships, he knew everything about ships. If asbestos was dangerous, he would have written this somewhere. Also Hubbard knew everything about cancer. He had written that cancer was caused by the mind and specifically second dynamic aberration (problems with relationships). I was told that people only get sick if they go into 'agreement' with being sick. I was being a 'wog' (non-scientologist) worrying about a little thing like asbestos.

"The asbestos was scraped away to make room for new electrical wiring and new air-conditioning ducts. Holes were cut through the steel decks, sections of the vertical fire compartmental walls were removed to make way for relocating restaurants etc. etc. Asbestos was everywhere blowing around the ship like an insidious blue dust of death. It was piled up in the corridors, big chunks of it lie on the floor. When the re-fit company arrived, they saw the asbestos everywhere and had a fit. The re-fit company boss said it was dangerous and he couldn't expose his men to it.
An asbestos team was formed using Sea Org members (3 or 4). Wherever there was exposed asbestos they would rush to the location and spray it with water and or paint. The idea was that the asbestos shouldn't be dry and flaking and therefore releasing airborne contamination. This was an extremely poor handling and the ship refit contractors were very unhappy; they would even sleep in their cabins wearing masks.

"By the time the ship was finished, all the paneling was put back in place and the walls were painted and wallpapered, the floors were carpeted and new furniture was installed. It looked great, but behind the paneling, the asbestos was left hanging and flaking and falling apart. Every time a panel is removed for routine maintenance, asbestos dust is released into the rooms, cabins and corridors of the ship. This is continuing to this day."

-Lawrence Woodcraft (read an interview with him here).

OK, maybe I don't wish I could go...



Had a really bad night's sleep (not enough of it, and constantly interrupted) so I couldn't concentrate on the comic. Finally I said fuck it and took a nap, and for a wonder, the goddamn dog didn't wake me up even once!

I woke up at 2 am feeling totally refreshed. Ate the rest of my Subway sandwich, did a load of dishes and a load of laundry, folded the towels from the dryer, took them upstairs and put them away in the bathroom closet.

This house-elfing-for-rent gig is really helping my state of mind, especially now that I have so much more to do. The endorphin rush I get from folding towels, clearing spaces and generally Getting Things Done cannot be beaten.

You'd think this would make me less of a slob, but I assure you it does not. Half the time, my room usually looks like a bomb went off. It is a mystery.

Speaking of getting things done, I somehow managed to plan tomorrow's meal without ever once consciously thinking about what I was doing. I pan-fried some onions until semi-cooked, tossed in two packages of beef stew meat to brown, and dumped it all in the slow cooker with some broth to simmer for the next 8 hours or so.

Next I cleaned and baked 8 potatoes. I de-cluttered the dining room a little bit and painstakingly untangled and rolled into a ball a wad of Jesse's blue yarn one of the cats had scattered across the floor a few months ago. All this was done while I waited for the kitchen timer to go off and the potatoes to be done.

When the happy time came, I scooped out the potato-guts from the baked shells (burning my hands in the process), mashed them with mixture of melted butter, chopped mushrooms, onions and garlic, salted the moosh and stuffed it back into the potato shells. Then I foil-wrapped the potatoes and popped them in the fridge. They'll keep til evening, then I can stick them in the oven to finish.

All that done, I brushed my teeth, took the dog outside to fire a laser into the snow (because that's what robots do when they drink too much water), and declared myself satisfied with my day's work.

Now I can go back to bed for real, knowing that all is right with the world and that the hard work of coloring the comic tomorrow will at least be the only thing I need to worry about.

February 16, 2008

You just can't make this up (unless you're LRH)

The original YouTube "Message to Scientology" video has been restored with all its views intact. Staff claim it was all a mistake, and the video was mistakenly removed due to a mistake. In summary, a mistake.

Well, I agree--it WAS a mistake to side with a cult over your audience. Good on the greasy fellers for putting it back up, though.

In other news, the CoS is in chaos from the Anonymous protests. I'm hearing reports of one church head quitting, a CoS store geting evicted, several low-level clams listening to protesters and having their minds changed, and of course the still-mounting innter turmoil we've caused the OSA (Office of Special Affairs, AKA L. Ron's dirty trick brigade).

They're the guys who do the Fair Gaming, but they don't know what the fuck when it comes to Anonymous.

It turns out they have been told Anonymous is under the control of an elite attack force of SPACEMANS.

Can anyone else who still has contact or sources in Criminal Cult
confirm OSA fanantic insiders have flipped out?

I have received intelligence ( if you can call it that):

Apparently, DM has accepted an explanation for the Sudden Anonoymous Uprising Phenomenom (Plague of those below 2.0 on Tone Scale) that defies all reason. Allegedly some brilliant Hubbard fanatic has convinced many senior Co$ that the Marcabs, the Fourth or Fifth Invader Fleet and the Psychos have used the Internet to take control of thousands of net Minions.
These hapless victims are attacking Scientology under the direction of the Psychos immediate Lieutenants: ARSCC (wdne). Several current and formerly overtly prominent ARS Sps are deemed to be Regional Directors of Operations for Anonymous. These regional directors will be targeted for express handling should legal efforts fail to win injunctions against the mass demonstrations.

I've had this madness communicated to me from two different and usually reliable sources.

Have they blown our cover?

Gregg Hagglund SP7
R m3
(Regional Master of the Mindless Minions.)

[Encoded transmission begins:]

Beep beep beep INFILTRATION SUCCESSFUL beep beepbeepbeep! Quirp flomp INTERGALACTIC GANGBANG whickity TOM CRUISE beep UKE dweefle OPERATION DEEPBUTT beep boop boop.


[Encoded transmission ends.]

We are fucking up their shit SO bad, all without breaking the law.

February 15, 2008

How To Start A Mind Control Cult

That is some hilarious and dark shit right there. And now I'll have the cheery melody repeating in my head for the next week.


All right! Problem solved. I woke up to hella donations this afternoon, and promptly paid the back-debt and several months in advance.

And now I have either a five or six page update to work on. Pray for me now in my hour of crazy busy :)

Thanks to everyone who donated!


Two pages are up, way late because Tom Cruise put his ethics in me and I've been sore and frazzled ever since. Two pages are already in progress for Saturday.

In other news, I FUCKED UP BIG TIME!


I usually pay my hosting fees in lump sums, taking care of a couple of months at a time. Well, I forgot that I hadn't paid for that much in advance this time, and the site's been delinquent since October!

I am an idiot.

Hosting is not expensive but the fees have stacked up, and I'm flat-ass broke. Rydia has somehow let this slide and not taken the site down months ago, but I've got to fix this right away (and never let it happen again, obviously).

Any donations toward site maintenance would be extremely awesome, and will net the audience extra pages for the next update after this one.

Thank you so much if you donate. And if you don't, thanks anyway and no worries. I wouldn't want anybody with an actual job to get stuck with ramen noodles on my account :)

February 14, 2008


This first part is old news, but YouTube keeps having technical difficulties which conveniently freeze the view counts of most Scientology-critical videos, keeping them off the front page. It came to a head on the 10th, with almost every protest video frozen. After the initial upload wave of 2/10 died down, these technical difficulties sorted themselves out nicely. And surely it was just a coincidence, right?


If you still harbor any doubts as to whether YouTube has bent over and presented its bare heinie to the Cult of Personality, I offer the following tidbit for your perusal:

You remember that initial "Message to Scientology" video that got the whole ball rolling? The one with millions of pageviews that's been up for weeks and received so much attention from the straight media?

Yup! Removed as of a couple of hours ago. TOS violations, don't you know!

Good job, YouTube! Why don't you try and kick the nest one more time? I think there might still be a few hornets left in there.

Sure, this could be the work of a sympathetic insider, intended to piss people off and remind us that this problem still exists so we'll be good and stoked for those March 15 protests. ORRRR it might just be the threat of a multimilion dollar lawsuit from our pals in Clearwater.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since YouTube are belong to Google, and Google has a history of taking it up right the ol' poop chute from Scientology. They once got Google to remove 126 Web pages (including Operation Clambake) for copyright infringement. And Google folded until there was mass outcry, then claimed the removal of Clambake was an error. Boy, those technical difficulties sure do get around.

Don't be evil, my foot.

Edit: It is being re-uploaded like crazy. I can't keep up with them all. I am also seieng reports that YouTube is setting some videos to 'invisible' instead of deleting them.

Edit Edit: Got a very interesting quote from an ARS post:

It's getting much bigger than just one video. I've been tracking
uploads to YouTube tagged 'Scientology' for four days...

Search for 'Scientology', Sorted By Date:
Date Total New
10/2 6180 ~+650
11/2 7640 +1460
12/2 8260 +620
13/2 7870 -390 (!)
14/2 7730 -50 (!)

An Open Letter To Naysayers

Dear small furry naysayers who still somehow believe that the movement to stop Scientology is a shallow waste of time based on religioius bigotry and lulz:

This is just a letter to let you know that we are not angry at Scientology for having weird beliefs. It is true that many of us think those beliefs are hilarious, yes, but far more troubling is the disproportionate ability of Scientology to hurt people and ruin lives.

Here are some search terms that might help you out in your quest for knowledge:

RPF or Rehabilitation Project Forces
Scientology Coerced Abortions
Lisa McPherson
Fair Game Policy
Operation Snow White
Operation Freakout
Auditing Process R2-45
Scientology Disconnection
Scientology lawsuits
Scientology censorship
scientology tax exemption
Scientology harassment

And some critical websites that sum it all up rather nicely:


You may not end up believing Scientology is guilty of all these terrible crimes. Hell, you might not even want to bother forming an opinion either way. And that's fine. But at least find out what the issue is before you make up your mind to declare yourself sickened by the people who care about it. At the very least, try to respect that all the people ranting on the internet might actually have a genuine beef beyond the fact that celebrities are jumping on couches because of a wacky space cult.

This movement has real meaning to real people who have been deeply hurt by Scientology, to the point of losing their jobs, life savings, families and friends to what amounts to a pyramid scheme with a tax exemption.

I've seen so many people trot out the "this cause isn't worthy enough because there are other causes that also need love" argument. It's come up at least once with every single social movement I've ever been involved with. If every movement died the second it was declared a waste of time, this planet would be completely fucked.

Just because Darfur gets away with being shitty and awful doesn't mean everybody should leave the Scientologists alone to continue violating people's basic human rights on a smaller scale. Anonymous and many long-term activists happen to be in a position to do something about this particular injustice while it is still small enough to stamp out, and screw not giving a damn because someone out there has it worse. Wrong is wrong and should not be tolerated.

Also, and this really, really bugs me: Who says people can't be involved in more than one cause at a time? It's so defeatist and negative to assume that a person can only care about one thing at a time and should let the rest slide. There's nothing quite as deadly to social consciousness as that first tiny surrender to apathy.

Love, Anomalous

February 13, 2008

Art Post - Political Cartoon Tiem

To anyone interested: go forth and spread this around. No need to ask permission, but I would like to hear about where it ends up. The hi rez file can be downloaded here.

Disconnection in Scientology

Now for something funny to balance it out:

Arnie Lerma describes how he handled a Scientologist lawyer during a deposition for the case RTC v Lerma:

Leiberman: Mr. Lerma, why do you continue to say bad things about the church of Scientology?

Lerma: Are you referring to the international psychopolitical terrorist organization doing a shrinking but still brisk business in fraud worldwide dba Scientology and associated entities?

Leiberman: You can't talk about the church of Scientology that way!

Lerma: Are you trying to trick me into committing perjury?


February 12, 2008


Hey y'all, I posted two big entries about this over on the old Lukadia LJ and the Kagerou community, so I'll keep this short because everyone here is already in the loop as far as the situation goes.

Basically, if anybody suspicious contacts you with funny stories about me or looking for info on my personal life, please keep a record let me know about it, and I will love you forever. While I doubt I'm important enough for scifags to mess with me, it would be stupid to assume I was safe and not take any precautions at all.


Now have some hilarious screenshots from the news coverage of the protests:



February 11, 2008

Assaulted at Scientology Protest: Part Deux!

Check it out! Remember how I talked about the Scientologist guy who assaulted the cameraman? Here it is on video!

You can't see the throw the paper at first, but there is a shot of him shoving it at the camera. And a cameo of me trying to pry my goddamn broken camera's shutter open so I could get a picture.

I never realized there were two of them standing there together. Counting crazy leaflet-bludgeoning guy and the blonde camera lady, that brings my list of suspected Scienos up to four for the day.

Further Protest Updates

My arms, shoulders and back are screaming in agony today. Next time I bring a backpack full of water to a protest, I'm putting it down or handing all of it out as soon as we get there.

I walked around calling out stuff like "WE ARE OUT HERE FREEZING OURS OFF BECAUSE SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE IN THERE LYING THEIRS OFF" and "AT LEAST IT'S WARM WHERE L. RON WENT!" Lots of "ooooooh!" responses for that last one :) I did my best to entertain the protesters who looked a little tired, but I'm sure I was annoying so I moved around a lot. One really sweet anonylass heard my "Scientology is Katamari Damacy gone very, very wrong" theory and glomped me--that was awesome as hell!

Another guy heard me doing my accent routine and got briefly upset because I did an Apu impression ("Hello, what are your crimes?") and asked me why THAT accent. He eased off when I said I was just going through accents, at least. I did a redneck one next to balance it out.

Oh, here are the pics I took:

(Come back, Scientologist bullbaiter! COME BACK!)

Finally, here's a shot of me and Seebs with the cameraman who got assaulted by the second plant. This photo was taken by Whitecoat. (Holy shit, I'm a short little faggot ain't I?)




February 10, 2008


Just got back from the Minneapolis protest.

There was a guy wandering around with no face or head covering at all (in the -40 to -50 wind!), yelling at the top of his lungs and trying to get everybody to act crazy with him. I figured he was just a socially stunted jerk until he started talking shit about our lack of conviction and yelling about how if we REALLY cared we'd DO SOMETHING. You know, really stand up for our beliefs and not just use these stupid flyers and signs. You could hear him bellowing all this stuff from down the block.

I heard that the same guy went around for a while yelling catchphrases that didn't make any sense, like "UP WITH FUR!" (possibly furries?) At one point he tried to get inside the CoS building and the cops used a bullhorn to tell him to cut the crap and go back across the street.

He ended up on the corner where some of us were holding signs up for the cars that went by (lots of honking), and started giving us shit for being too cowardly to take it up a notch. Then he started singling me out. I didn't realize he might actually be bull-baiting me, so I snarked him right back while holding up my sign and getting the job done. A couple failed insults later, I turned around again to hold up my sign for a different area of the street, and the dude beaned me in the back of the head with a wad of flyers!

It didn't hurt since it was just paper, but I was completely caught off guard. I asked him why he did that, and he said it was because I didn't have enough conviction to be out here. I picked up the flyers before they could blow away so we wouldn't be accused of littering, and then immediately went and passed the word along the picket line that the loud guy was not one of us and had just hit me in the head with a wad of flyers.

I then told the police what happened, that he was making us look bad and hassling the demonstrators. They asked me if I wanted them to move him along. I said yes, and a few minutes later they did.

This is the guy (picture not taken by me!):

About an hour later, another guy with no head protection joined us for a while. He got in-frame on somebody's video camera and threw a shit-fit, yelling that the cameraman had better not point that thing at him again, and threatening to 'lay him out.'

Then the guy balled up the flyer he was holding and threw it at the cameraman, then picked the ball up (I think he picked it up himself, or maybe the other guy handed it back to him, I can't recall) and started trying to shove the paper into the cameraman's hand. The crep took off down the street just as I got my camera up to snap his picture. The cameraman said he didn't stop recording and got the threat on video, and I look forward to it ending up on the web.

Both of the jerks gave off the same bizarre vibe. I can't say for sure they were plants, but they each had the same unstable air about them as those 4th of July bullbaiters from XenuTV. Just more incompetent. Nobody took either creep's bait or lost a minute of protesting time to it, due to Minnesota Nice.

The protest was unbelievably cold but everyone was cheerful, respectful of the law and upbeat. There was chanspeak, but whenever a civilian came down the block it was all please, thank you and "Would you like to read more about why we're protesting today?" Most took the flyers. Fox and WCCO came to shoot footage and do interviews.

A really nice waitress at the Outback gave us cheesecake on the house when she heard what we'd been doing in the cold all day.

Good work Minneapolis!

February 9, 2008

Sciento--oh fuck it, you already know where this is going.

Just a heads-up. My last post on Scientology got hit with some copypasta about how Lisa McPherson's death had nothing at alllll to do with her having been tied to a bed and starved for more than two weeks. Fair enough, thought I, we might as well investigate this.

When I googled the text of the copypasta in question, I found the source: this highly informative page dedicated to debunking silly myths about Scientology.
Our goal is to find answers from independent sources, not Church of Scientology owned sites and not avowed anti-Scientology sites either. We pull our information from court documents and other reliable sources and lay out the information for you to come to your own conclusions based on the provided information and facts.

Court documents and reliable sources? Well that sounds reasonable! (Even though every single source linked from the website goes straight up L. Ron Hubbard's ass).

But it did change my mind on one thing. Earlier, I stated that Scientologists killed Lisa McPherson. This is patently false. Let the record show that tying a mentally ill woman to a bed for two weeks and letting her dry up like a piece of beef jerky until she has an embolism is not murder, but merely a tragic accident. Scientology's hands are clean, and besides, people die every day.

Continuing to browse, I've discovered a page on the same site explaining the true damage of Xenu-spoilers. See, according to these much-touted court documents and very reliable sources, Xenu's very name is a killing word, and Scientology is structured to stop the gosh-darn government using it as a weapon of mass discussion.
I have heard that the military asked about obtaining Dianetics for use in the cold war before it was released to the public. This use is known as "Black Dianetics". It was noted immediately that the same technology used to free man, could be used to enslave him as a military robot, or worse.

I personally knew someone who discovered this altered incorrect "OT" technology on the internet and tried to apply it to himself and it basically drove him crazy, and soon after, he killed himself.
Far from being a money-hungry scam, the CoS is keeping Xenu a secret to save the world from being Muad'Dibbed into the stone age.

Well that settles it! This website is LEGIT.

Truly we must hide the secret of Xenu from anyone who hasn't paid the Church thousands and thousands of dollars--not just for the safety of its members, but for the good of all mankind. Wouldn't want any more innocent people having any tragic accidents now, would we?

PS - On a completely, absolutely and utterly unrelated topic, his week's update will be late Sunday evening or Monday afternoon, due to having to be in Minneapolis all day for a roadside picnic with several dozen friends from the internet whose names I don't know and whose faces I probably won't ever see. We're heading out at the unheard-of hour of 11 AM into sub-zero conditions, but but as I have designed a kind of wind-shelter using a piece of poster board and a wooden dowel, I should be okay. I expect to get my picture taken a lot while I'm there. Maybe some of you will be there too?

February 8, 2008

It Speaks!

Church of Scientology responds to protest plans

The organizers of the event are cyberterrorists, the church says.


Published February 7, 2008

Response from the Church of Scientology regarding Sunday's protest:

This weekend we do anticipate that some members of this group "Anonymous" will turn up, as they have announced.

We take this seriously because of the nature of the threats this group has made publicly. We will take every step necessary to protect our parishioners and staff as well as members of the community, in coordination with the local authorities.

As to our knowledge of the organizers of the event, they are cyberterrorists who hide their identities behind masks and computer anonymity.

Long before selecting Scientology as its latest target, "Anonymous" hackers crashed the Fox Web site and issued a perverse manifesto in a July 2007 video message on the Internet:

We are the face of chaos... We ruin the lives of other people simply because we can ... Hundreds die in a plane crash. We laugh. The nation mourns over school shooting, we laugh. We're the embodiment of humanity with no remorse, no caring, no love, or no sense of morality.

"Anonymous" is perpetrating religious hate crimes against churches of Scientology and individual Scientologists for no reason other than religious bigotry. "Anonymous" initially justified its attacks by claiming that the church's requests to some Web sites to remove a stolen video of an internal church event somehow constituted an affront to free speech. In fact, the church, as would any copyright owner, had simply sent notices that the video constituted a copyright violation. Similar notices are sent daily by the television and recording industries, as well as the media to those who display pirated, copyrighted works.

"Anonymous" alleged "free speech" justification is belied by the fact that the video in question has been seen by millions. It is "Anonymous" that has repeatedly attempted to suppress free speech through illegal assaults on church Web sites so as to prevent Internet users from obtaining information from the church. They have also engaged in other harassment, including threats of violence in telephone calls, fax transmissions and e-mails, not to mention the Anonymous mailing of white powder to dozens of our churches, requiring the services of law enforcement.

"Anonymous" claims of altruistic purposes are no different than those heard from any terrorist or hate group. We are not the first to be targeted. Using Scientology's prominence, "Anonymous" hopes to garner more attention. "Anonymous" has publicly proclaimed its guiding materials to be the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. Quite obviously, this group is not just anti-Scientology, it is anti-freedom of religion, anti-free speech and anti-American.

Religious bigotry of any nature is deplorable and profoundly affects the entire community. The hate crimes of "Anonymous" should be condemned.

Anyone desiring information about the church of Scientology or the context of the pirated video should visit the church Web site at www.scientology.org to form their own opinions.

[Last modified February 7, 2008, 23:35:32]

DELICIOUS TERRORISM. CYBER TERRORISM. Nice spin making it sound like the white powder was the work of Anonymous, by the way.

PS - Which one of you assholes hacked the Fox website and then deleted everyone's memories of it?

Here's the Scientology orientation video that got leaked. It's kind of long, but think of how much money you'll be saving if you watch it online! Better hurry, because I've already had to fix the link once due to removal:

via videosift.com

"Join us because we're the only church that doesn't hurt our foes! Or you can go blow your brains out, you know, whatevs."

February 7, 2008

Nauseating Food For Diseased Thought

Here are a few things about Scientology that I feel people ought to be aware of:

The Wall of Fire: This is the part of Scientology where you find out about the evil intergalactic overlord Xenu, and how our bodies are riddled with clusters of freaked-out alien ghosts that make us sick or unhappy or believe in God. Getting a Xenu spoiler before you reach OTIII (third level of the super-secret teachings) will kill you dead with pneumonia, so please don't read this paragraph!

Suppressive Person. Anyone the church of Scientology considers problematic, especially critics of the church, protestors and ex-members who spill the beans. Scientologist-raised Neil Gaiman was apparently declared an SP many years ago, so don't feel too bad about it if you are declared too.

Fair Game:
Church law for dealing with a Suppressive Person. Fair Game is no longer declared outright, but the practice was never cancelled and continues to this day. In L. Ron's words, an SP "May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed." Fair Game is why church protestors often hide their identities when picketing.

Auditing Process R2-45: The ultimate Scientology resource for an SP. It is "An enormously effective process for exteriorization, but its use is frowned upon by this society at this time." Critic Stuart Lamont explains it best: "In plain language, it means that someone can be released from their body by shooting them with a Colt '45, which Ron proceeded to demonstrate by firing a revolver into the floor of the podium."

RPF: Rehabilitation Project Forces. This is the 'gulag' everyone's talking about. You fuck up, break a rule, or decide to leave the church, and you can end up here. It's basically boot camp without the human rights, and you can be there for years. They limit your sleep, you eat table scraps and do physical labor. No contact allowed with the outside world. You are not permitted to speak unless spoken to. Oh, and the daily interrogations. I forgot to mention the daily interrogations.

Disconnection: This is the church's policy of isolating members from their families and loved ones. You decide to leave the church, say goodbye forever to the wife and kids you leave behind. Disconnection has moved into the digital era, with church officials beginning to enforce the policy on members' MySpace friend lists.

Introspection Rundown: This is the official Scientologist procedure for handling mental health emergencies. L. Ron Hubbard was opposed to all forms of psychiatry, so he used his super duper science fiction powers to invent his own treatment plan:

"The first step of the rundown is "isolate the person wholly with all attendants completely muzzled (no speech)." Auditing sessions are given infrequently to search for the cause of the psychotic break during this rundown, otherwise the person is isolated in complete silence."

In other words, take the person away from all human contact and strap them to a bed in a locked room until they sort out their dead space alien issues and stop being mentally ill. How would you like to be pulled off the street and have this done to you by a couple of strangers who don't even know basic nursing skills? But don't worry, they make you sign a waiver in case it all goes wrong and you die covered in cockroach feeding sites. Whew!

"THIS MEANS THE LAST REASON TO HAVE PSYCHIATRY AROUND IS GONE", said L. Ron. "I have made a technical breakthrough which possibly ranks with the major discoveries of the Twentieth Century ... Its results are nothing short of miraculous."

And that brings us to the most important name in our list:

Lisa McPherson. She was a member of the church who had a psychiatric emergency and was taken from the hospital against her doctor's advice by almost a dozen church members. They promised she would be treated privately, and so off she was whisked to undergo L. Ron's miraculous Introspection Rundown.

17 days later her severely dehydrated, bruised and starved body was driven from the Fort Harrison hotel (owned by the church and notorious for its onsite deaths) to a hospital well out of the area with a Scientologist doctor on staff. She was dead on arrival. The autopsy photos show massive bruises, emaciation and 'insect feeding sites' all over her body. Lots of people have seen these photos, because years later they were sent around via email, identified as the last photos of Terry Schiavo.

The records of the last few days of her stay in the hotel have mysteriously vanished along with the people in charge of helping her regain her sanity. During her stay in the hotel, they charged her hundreds of dollars for L. Ron Hubbard lecture tapes, which were played in the room while she slowly wasted away. To date, the church has not paid the settlement they reached with the McPherson family. Church members have, however, gone on record repeatedly stating "People die every day." when the topic comes up. This may sound inhumane, but remember Scientology is a religion and if you criticize it you're an intolerant bigot.

2/10/08: The birthday of Lisa McPherson and the official date of the upcoming worldwide anti-Scientology protest.

Want more insanity? Go here for a gigantic glossary of eye-widening horrors, but beware. This rabbit hole does not have a discernible bottom and you could be in for a rather long read.

February 4, 2008

Update Post!

I've posted two new pages and restored the donation bar this week, with all-new graphics. WOOT!

February 2, 2008

Fuck! $365,000 and I Still Can't Fly!

I'm sure I'm late to the party by linking it now instead of right at the start of the drama, but here is an excellent presentation that summarizes quite nicely why people are pissed about Scientology. You can search for any of the details on Google; the documentation is all over the web.

It's a great link to spread around to people who might be interested in taking action, but don't yet realize Scientology is more than a bunch of rich Hollywood kooks obsessed with space ghosts. It's a powerful and dangerous corporate entity with blood on its hands and it sorely needs every inch of its ass kicked.

An early Orlando protest happened today. I'm seeing reports of 70+ people showing up. That is phenomenal. People report being tailed home from the protests, which is suck.

Meanwhile, a California planning meeting was crashed by Scientologists who went around the dining area asking patrons for their personal information. The Anons and friends didn't have masks on for the protest meeting, so they slipped away and had the meeting elsewhere. They returned later to find the Scientologists still waiting for them to show up. They had to have found out about the meeting on the web. That's not too surprising--they ARE watching.

They are afraid, and they should be. For the first time in church history, they've come up against a faceless foe they can't intimidate or harass into silence. They WILL try to get any identifiable people who show up to take the fall for the faceless masses of Anonymous. So for God's sake be careful if you go to the protests!

Hide your face, don't tell anyone your name, and don't park a block away and go straight back to your car and drive home. If they get your plates, they can come picket your house with signs accusing you of all sorts of ridiculous crimes. This has happened plenty of times to picketers who were identified.

An Anonymous-authored list of 22 protest rules can be viewed here.

Lucid Dreaming

This morning I hit this amazing state of lucid dreaming. A woman was telling me her story over images of a rugged cliff over a black sea. This is the part I can remember:

"I don't know what I was thinking. I put the necklace on in front of everyone. And now all of them, the old women, the young women, the dangerous women, they all know."

I could hear her voice. I was actually thinking "I'm dreaming, but I can hear her voice and she sounds like a real person talking." I knew I was lying in bed, with my eyes closed, and that if I moved, even just to get the pen and paper I keep under my pillow for just this occasion and make notes of what she was saying, I would lose it. So I kept mental notes on the important stuff, and occasionally reminded myself of it so I wouldn't forget when I woke up.

Along with the narration, there was visual footage of a woman turning into a giant white bird on the coast of that black sea, and running to hide out in an office building. There were hands opening up a storage box to find two cats inside, looking up at her. I got the impression that the cats were spies sent by the 'dangerous women.'

Right then I was like "This is all very fascinating, but if I can do this lucid thing, I better not waste it. Let's go over and see what Kano's got to say!"

Sure enough, we left the woman with the necklace that turns you into a bird, and there was Kano. He just stood there looking at his feet for a minute, and said "Um....uh...." and was about to start talking when the GOD DAMN DOG started scratching at the door and whining to be let out, and I woke up for good. RRR.

Still, the woman's story was good stuff. I might be able to use it somewhere.

February 1, 2008

Too Much Research Up In Here

I've been reading so many Scientology survivor stories this week that my head feels about ready to bust wide open. The last time I got into the topic, there were only a few websites like Xenu.net around, and no such thing as YouTube. That's changed a lot, which is good, except that it means every page I read spawns five more links I've never seen before that I want to follow. My poor bookmark folder is never going to be the same again. It's a good thing some of those links end up being hilarious:

At some point I think I'll put up an intro post for people who have no clue why there's a Scientology controversy going on. Not only is the story completely horrifying, it's also damned interesting.

The problem is that there's just so much of it!

Stay tuned, and be very wary of the tenth of February.