July 12, 2007

Not Really A Fairy Tale

Carrying 227 pounds on her tiny 5'2" frame, the 51-year-old mother and wife could barely squeeze into her plus-size clothing.


"I was wearing a size 22 and getting my clothes at stores where the biggest size was a 24. I asked myself, 'Where are you going to buy your clothes after you get bigger than a size 24?'" said Twitchell.

Adding to her misery, Twitchell says her ballooning weight was also wreaking havoc on her 31-year marriage.

"We were literally just co-existing together, like roommates," recalled Twitchell.

"Friends asked my husband to e-mail them a picture of us. Later, I discovered that he had sent them an old photograph taken when I was much smaller. Even though he loved me, he was embarrassed at how much weight I had gained."

Afraid she would have to purchase clothing from online stores catering to larger women, Twitchell told her husband she'd had enough and was ready to make a change.


"I have a marriage again," says Twitchell, who recently retired and relocated with her husband from New Jersey to their new home in the mountains of western North Carolina.

"When I finally reached my goal (weight), my wedding ring was two sizes too big. I had already had it resized twice and the jeweler was hesitant that I might lose more weight. Rather than resize it, my husband bought me a new beautiful diamond ring and when he gave it to me he said this was a renewal of our wedding vows," she recalled.

Twitchell says her husband keeps telling people that he's got his wife back. This August, the couple will celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary and they couldn't be happier.

"If I can lose 110 pounds, anyone can," says Twitchell.

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The tone of this story is disturbing. I'm happy that the lady was able to work hard and become healthier. That's a hell of an accomplishment. However, a person shouldn't have to be a size 2 to be acknowledged by her own husband as the woman he married.

Y helo thar, Fatty Fallacy #3! ("Your gigantic ass is to blame for everything you don't like about your life.")

The way she gushes about winning back her husband and being rewarded with pretty jewelry for getting skinny gives me the creeps. They have some obvious control issues to deal with, but CNN is spinning it like she's Cinderella finally getting to dance with THE Prince Charming.

And honestly, if that's one woman's idea of success, cool. Chase your joy, and all that. But I feel bad for her, and for every woman who reads this kind of condescending trash in hopes that it might hold the secret to living happily ever after.


  1. That's...sickening. "Now that I'm acceptable, my husband loves me! Isn't it wonderful I'm no longer a fatty who's ashamed of existing!" Except that she should've gotten the clue that her husband is a selfish, shallow bastard.

    Grargh! She should lose weight because it makes her feel better, and for no other reason!

  2. I've always found "reformed" fatties to be the most insufferable people on Earth. "Oh, I can't stand to think of the way I used to be! It was so disgusting! If I can lose weight, ANYONE can!" Of course, 95 percent of them are going to REGAIN all the weight and then some. Then they see it's not all about willpower and "having more self-control" than other people. Feh...

  3. Typical sensationalist news. They could have just as easily focused on the fact that she's in the "heart attack years" and probably saved herself from an early stroke, but no. Instead they focus on the standard "Fat = sad and unattractive; Thin = happy and gets shinies". And then there was the Weight Watchers name dropping...

    But oh well. At least she lost the weight the old fashioned way, instead of that nasty gastric bypass surgery mess. Local hospitals have actually begun running commercials for that in my area, I shit thee not.