July 1, 2007

One Piece Dub Cast Announced

The voice talents for the main cast of One Piece have been announced.

Luffy: Colleen Clinkenbeard (Riza Hawkeye from FMA)
Nami: Luci Christian (Wrath from FMA)
Zorro: Chris Sabat (Armstrong from FMA)
Usopp: Sonny Strait (Hughes from FMA)
Sanji: Eric Vale (Kimblee from FMA)
Chopper: Brina Palencia (Nina Tucker from FMA)
Robin: Stephanie Young (...SHE'S A MYSTERY ACTRESS!)

It appears that everyone but Robin played a major role in Full Metal Alchemist. Oh, gods, I hope they cast Travis Willingham (Roy from FMA) as Crocodile. Just because it'd be hilarious, in an unintentional slash sort of way.

I have NO idea whether the FMA dub cast is any good. I only saw the first two eps in English.

Not that it even matters. I plan to buy the DVDs when they come out, and as long as the dub doesn't sound like THIS, I'll be fine:


  1. Guh I could barely handle 2 minutes of that @.@ it reminds me of why I gave up on original dubs after 2 episodes. So I haven't been paying attention, does this mean its being redone better? I'm a fan of FMA but placing some of the voices to totally different characters is good for a laugh, if you forget that some voice actors are actually capable of multiple voice styles -_-

  2. If I remember, FMA's cast was pretty good.

    I'm having a real hard time imagining Riza's rather calm, sedate actress as Luffy, though. Guess we'll hear it when we'll hear it.