January 27, 2008


Anonymous has shifted focus from the initial DOS attack strategy against Scientology, and has begun planning various IRL adventures. Major CoS centers around the world are being scheduled for organized assembly (with requests to 'wear a mask of your choosing' where legal). Hee!

People outside of Anonymous are joining the fray to work the legal side of the fight and add legitimacy, humanity and context to the mix.

I am frankly a little alarmed by how constructive their long term goals are, considering it's an Anonymous operation. They are the best (possibly the only) people possible who could have gotten this ball rolling. Just think about what happens to people who have identities when they fuck with L. Ron's posse.

Religious texts and internal church documents containing various sorts of internal douchebaggery and brainwashing tutorials are being leaked by hackers. These files are being distributed and shared across the internet (you can find a full list on the Chanology page).

Stories of people whose lives have been destroyed by the church are being Dugg daily, and many more can be found on Google. The shit they've done to their members in the name of religion is pretty disgusting.

Leaflets and pamphlets are being made available for anyone who lives in the cities or just plain enjoy sticking things to light poles, so they can raise some hell IRL.

Googlebombing is also underway (and I think I'll join the fun right now!). Terms like "Dangerous Cult" are being used to link to Scientology websites, and "Scientology" to link to Xenu.net (the most well-known critical website).

Hopefully it'll help to reveal the silly sci fi alien ghost invasion bullshit to new members or potential recruits who have not yet been broken by the church's mind control.

With any luck, the buzz will reach the potential marks so they can run far, far away while they still have their families, savings, and lives intact. I'm all for religious tolerance, but every newbie deserves to know what they're actually getting into when they join up.

I have never liked these dicks and their fake church. Maybe it dates back to my annoyance at seeing the fucking Dianetics book plug every five minutes during my Saturday morning cartoons. Maybe it's because Battlefield Earth sucked so much anus that I am offended by the very idea of anyone on Earth thinking Hubbard was a prophet. Either way, the schadenfreude pie is sweet and delicious, and if an IRL raid comes near my town, I'm bringing my camera.

Here's a related video that made me smile:

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  1. I particularly like
    http://web.uni-marburg.de/religionswissenschaft/journal/mjr/beit.html for showing, conclusively, that if you don't perform religious duties, then you are perhaps NOT A RELIGION. Y'know, worship, exaltation, a supreme being or two. A bit long but worth the read.

    (Fuck, it ate my tags. Oh well.)