January 21, 2008

Is this love that I'm feeling?

Want an honest and long lasting relationship? Make sure you and your partner can recite these five statements.

*I can live without you, no problem.
*My love for you will definitely change.
*You're not everything I need.
*I won't always hold you close.
*You and I aren't one.

Wow. Someone who's not bitter snarky me actually came out and said it! And a writer for Oprah's magazine, no less.

Just got back from a workout. I really wanted to see "Life After People" on the History network, but we don't have a TV that gets channels at the house. The machines at the gym all have TV monitors attached, though, so I spent 2 hours on the elliptical and treadmill, watching the collapse of civilization.

During the commercial breaks (and oh dear god, have they always had that many?) I listened to my iPod instead.

"(Nothing But) Flowers" by the Talking Heads came up on my shuffle mix on the drive home, and that was pretty funny.

Total miles walked, with and without dog, today: 8.1! And my knee feels fine.

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