January 2, 2008

Successful Cat Is Successful.

I finally finished the first Kagerou keychains!

Clickety click for the order page if you are interested.

Meanwhile, today was a crazy bad-luck day. My dog peed on my foot in fear, I almost dropped my iPod into the toilet, the speaker jack on the back of my computer failed, and every single art project I tried to work on blew up in my face so cataclysmically that I almost threw a tantrum. Plus it's -15 degrees out there with windchill and the doorknob burned my hand when I put the dog out.

Smelling the danger on the wind, I stayed in my room all day and did not handle any hot liquids or sharp objects. Since I finally accomplished one task of paying goodness (I hope) after 13 hours of running around in circles, I have decided to take tomorrow OFF.

Beware the wrath of my slack!

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