June 3, 2008

Pseudo-Feminist Media Meltdown

Here I was, being all smug and superior and thinking my "The Giving Tree was a Metaphor for Incest" theory was such hot shit. But now I've been blown right out of the water by this very stable chick's deconstruction of the phallocentric womyn-skewering feminism's-good-works-undoing pornography that is Firefly:

In which Wash is a seething rageaholic and Joss Whedon sexually assaults his wife

I just have to marvel at this rare glimpse at what Firefly would be like if we lived in a parallel universe where shrimp didn't exist, up was down and batshit was sane. It's just fucking bizarre. I did try, but she lost me right around the time the words "most" "sex" "is" and "rape" appeared in a single sentence.

Mind your manners if you go over there, now. You know that one guy at the zoo who gets really drunk and tries to climb over the tiger exhibit wall and gets eaten by psychotic pseudo-feminists? Yeah. Don't be that guy.


  1. ..Why did I read that. I'm now angry and confused, and kinda want to make sure that Mrs. Whedon stays far away from the internet. Forever. o.o

  2. ...Does not compute. What is this faggotry?!

  3. I noticed she doesn't allow comments from anyone who isn't on her friend's list. Maybe I'm speculating a little too hard here, but if i want to know how accurate my views are, I usually ask someone I'm pretty certain isn't going to just roll over on command and agree with me what they think. Also, she has the ability to delete any post she doesn't agree with, and the evidence of her doing so is in the comments.
    So in her case, hooray for furthering your feminist agenda by preaching to the choir and not allowing any opposing viewpoints in.
    Thank you for the reminder that traveling too far to extremes makes you just as hateful as what you're fighting against.