April 17, 2009

Update Tiem

Six more pages of Kagerou! The story of what exactly the Gods did to Tcaolin to make her such a raging cunt approaches its thrilling conclusion.

Goddamn I am so excited. This new Cintiq gizmo is going to change everything. As soon as I learn to use it, anyway. There's a mess of programmable hotkeys on both sides, so I have to memorize where I put all the commands.

It rocks so goddamn much. I can't even believe it. I inked two pages right on the screen and it was EASY. I may even get crazy and start using layers sometime!

I also installed Painter 8, and found to my astonishment that it didn't corrupt the brush settings on Photo-PAINT. I can't wait to play with watercolors. Oohhhh this new toy is the best ever. And way more ergonomic. Gush gush.


  1. Jesus, this is gorgeous stuff.

  2. I am a little confused - but man, these pages are definitely gorgeous. C: I've always loved how you do hair.