May 5, 2009

Locks of Laissez-Faire

Man, it never fails. I wore my hair down twice this month and both times strangers hit me up about Locks of Love. Fortunately neither one was pushy or irate this time, but it gets tiresome. I don't go up to people in the ATM line and ask them to toss their withdrawals in the March of Dimes jar, because it would be intrusive. Oh well, there are worse crosses to bear.

In other news, my bike is back from the shop, and it has a rearview mirror and ergonomic handgrips. Too cool.


  1. Have you considered donating your bike to "People Who Need Bikes"? Because other people need bikes, and since you've put effort into maintaining and repairing your bike, yours would be perfect for someone else!

    Jesus people are so rude. If you had been telling them you were going to cut your hair short I can see them bringing it up, but while it's beautiful and cared for and attached to your head, that's kind of a bullshit time to try and guilt someone into cutting all their hair off for someone else. Astonishingly, you're not the only person on the planet who grows hair. You need not shoulder the hair needs of all others alone.

    Jacob recommends asking them if they themselves have considered it, and I think you should do that even if their hair is ridiculously short. "It takes time, sure, but only a decade or so." Every millimeter counts!

  2. I. They.... they what? And you're not at a hair salon or anything? WHY? What is the logic in use here?

    I think if that had happened to me when my hair was that long I would be too dumbfounded to respond.

  3. Perhaps they were just using it as a conversation piece, when they really just wanted to complement your hair? Granted, if they were pushy about it, that point is moot, but sometimes people are just weird and want to use a good cause to cover the fact that their minds sometimes go 'ooo pretty!'

    Grats on getting your bike fixed up, I'm sure The Captain will be excited to partake in your long rides once more.