May 13, 2009


Well, I've been debating back and forth about whether to stay on Blogger or go back to LJ.

Pro for Blogger: I like the interface a lot better. It's clean and orderly and laid out quite well, and I haven't been spammed yet. Also, it feels more grown-up in a vaguely undefined sort of way.

Cons: It has become too complicated to keep in touch with people. Not a lot of my LJ friends made the jump to the new format, so we put up an RSS feed for their friend lists. This created a redundancy I have never liked: I get two sets of comments on each entry, on-site and on the feed, and I can't get email notification of the feed comments, which means I don't always see them unless I check manually for new ones. The feed posts vanish into the ether after a certain amount of time, so there's no history to look back at later in case I want to refer back to a discussion. Also, I am nowhere near grown-up enough to be worried about my image, so who am I even kidding?

The last straw was placed on the camel's back last week, when Seebs upgraded my phone to a Sidekick (or as I like to call it, Buttkick, since that's what it does, along with booting me in the head to remind me of appointments and whatnot), and I can't use it to update Blogger because for some reason the "publish post" button is one of the many links the mobile does not under any circumstances seem to want to recognize as clickable. So I lost my first post (written in bed as I was falling asleep) to the void while dicking around with the Buttkick trying to make it click the link.

I can, however, post to LJ with the greatest of ease, which means I could blog from anywhere there's wireless service. No way I'm using both LJ and Blogger as personal accounts, because that's way too confusing for people to keep track of, and my goal has always been to simplify my internet haunts to a manageable handful.

So I think I'm heading back to LJ, at least for a while. I'm over there most of the time anyway for my community stuff. Will keep this one open in case I get blogger's remorse later, but I'll try and disallow comments to avoid spammers.

So I'm off to *unclean unclean* buy myself a paid account on LJ. Not sure yet if I'll leave the creepy halloween theme going, I've gotten rather fond of that wicked awesome skullspider gif.


  1. Duuuuuudddddeeee I totally came over to blogger cus of you.

  2. hey, Luka! I just moved back up to the twin cities recently too. How you likin this f-ing rainy fall? :D I have been debating on wether it would be creppy or not to be all "hey Luka! where you at? I'm by uptown and keep a look out for your gimp bike riding butt!" then I figured it was. Any-whoodle, love your comic and though i feel your finiancial woes here too...can't wait for more pages. oh, and I unfortunatly don't have much leisure time on the lovly internet so if feel free to drop a line to a fellow minnesotan! Have fun with the holidays man! (vally scare was awsome and i hear sopa factory will be great!)
    -Nordic birdie