July 18, 2007

Not A Very Exciting Post, I'm Afraid

My hair is down to my knees and I'm starting to get a bit afraid. My arms are just too damned short to brush all the way to the ends anymore! I think it might be time to look for a new, longer-handled brush, and cross my fingers that it'll be good enough. It was breaking off as fast as it grew for the past ten years before i started taking care of it, and now I'm starting to worry that I'll wind up playing the lead role in the Broadway production of the Peanut Butter Solution.

Using my home-mixed conditioner has an interesting side-effect: it's made my hair rather water-resistant. I was in the shower for ten minutes just letting it saturate to the ends, and everything under the top layer was still bone-dry. I have to kind of skwoosh it to get the water through. I'm like some kind of freakish otter. A freakish, shiny otter.

I'm bored, so it's off to the gym again for me! Then back home to pencil away at the last page of this week's update. It's three pages this week, with a pretty good amount already working toward next week's count. Nice!


  1. Here's what I do, if it's any help: Brush as far down as you can reach, then grab the hair all in a bundle somewhere that you know you've brushed all of it, and lift it up to brush the bottom half.

  2. If you don't mind me asking, what's your home-made conditioner recipe? My hair is currently skimming my butt, and I'm always in the market for things to make it grow longer.

  3. I second the request for recipe. My hair is long, and *curly*, and if you think you've seen breakage, you've never seen long, thin, curly hair in the Sonoran desert sun.

    Also, otter-hair would be *cool*, and means I wouldn't need a jacket anymore!