January 31, 2008

Photo Post: Jan/2008

Time for a big ol' digest photo post from today's awesome walk on the river. I hope you dialup users have placeholders turned on!

Special note: the guy with the Great Dane was actually quite tall, but the size of the dog makes him look midgety. The truth is that that animal's head came up to my chest. It was strange seeing him bounce ponderously around on the snow with my dog, who is medium-sized but could easily walk under the Dane's belly without ducking. Wacky!

Other note: I walked on some thin ice and it started to give way. Ignoring my desire to move carefully and distribute my weight evenly across the ice, I turned around and hauled ass. Man, that was surprising.


  1. Those Great Danes are HUGE. They seem especially big and horselike when you're a little kid...

  2. You should come check out our dane sometime, the he'd love a high energy play mate like the captain XD