June 14, 2008

Riding the Wave of Sane

I decided to try the Adam Carolla method for fixing your life if you're a walking disaster area. Basically, when faced with a problem, ask yourself "what would a sane person do?" and do that, no matter what you personally want to do.

So here's a list I compiled of what a sane person in my situation would do:

1. Clear up what's left of my docket of overdue tasks:

  • Kagerou commission
  • Pirate comic
  • A-Kon sketchbook commission
  • Tonbo/Nick art for Megan
  • Pay A-Kon related taxes
  • Color "Something Wicked This Way Flops"
  • Remix another chapter of Kagerou
2. Buy new and respectable clothing and improve hygeine regimen so that I don't look like a homeless SA goon who has been too despondent to shower ever since he lost his Juggalette realdoll on the way home from a furry convention in the heart of Transylvania.

3. Get the shrink appointment. Get diagnosed and, if necessary, medicated for the crippling social issues and anxiety that make me withdraw from the world and keep me from getting anything done. Contrary to my previous assumption, the proper time to set up an appointment is probably when I'm in my right mind and capable of setting it up, NOT when I'm so overloaded I can't pick up a phone.

4. Learn to complete commissions on time so I can make art my job, meet my expenses and become independent. Or, failing that,

5. Get a part-time job that forces me to interact with the world.

I have already made a fairly decent headway by using the Adam Carolla method. I've gotten the vet stuff done, seen a dentist and had my teeth dealt with, and put myself on a shaky but tolerable schedule of household chores that serve to anchor me to a sense of time. These small and overdue successes have led to significant improvements in my overall mood, plus a general feeling of can do, can fix, can achieve.

Proving to myself through action and effort that I'm not helpless to change my life means I will not be as likely to give up on future efforts before I've properly tried. A few bad doctor experiences, family dramas, and financial setbacks have retarded my development for years, and I'm so tired of apathetically taking it up the ass.

A sane person would fight back, especially against the self-destructive urge to withdraw and give up because sometimes things suck a lot.

So that's what I'm gonna do.


  1. It is my personal belief that one of the most worthy goals of life is spending time to figure out one's self.

    I'm trying to do the same. It's really, really hard, but I think it will be worth the difficulty.

    Strength and Rewards for your personal journey.

    AKA: You're awesome! Best of luck!

  2. For feeling that you are rather er, not sane your fairly good at emulating sane scenarios, ideas and activities so kudos! Your that much closer to balance in your life, you've been showing quite an aptitude for it, seriously. If you doubt that then I suggest you go back through some of your recent posts about The Captain and how, step by step you worked him in to a mindful, fearpee-free pup. And thats just one facet of what you've been through lately. Keep on pluggin away!

  3. Cheers Luka. Here's to your success.