June 17, 2008

Zombies Are Love

Thanks to Netflix, I've got like 68 zombie survival horror flicks lined up in my rental queue. I just finished watching Fido and it was pretty amusing. Not as funny, quick or morbid as it could have been, but it was actually kind of sweet and I never expected that. Quirky, a sort of Lassie-as-a-zombie satire.

I also watched Daylight, and was a bit underwhelmed. I like claustrophobic disaster films as much as the next masochistic asshole, but I'm afraid the only character I cared about was the dog. This happens a lot lately, now that the Captain and me are a team.

Speaking of whom, I took him to the vet this afternoon for his last vaccination, a Lyme booster. On the way out I grabbed a cow hoof and a bunch of chew toys. He goes through bully sticks kind of fast with those terrifying scissor-teeth, but the cow hoof has held his interest all day and is still somewhat the same shape as before. Good deal for 99 cents.

I seem to be having a lot of those weird dreams that scratch the fourth wall lately. Last night I had one where I was meeting Jesse and another friend (who shifted identities at random) for dinner at a Chinese place. We were all really hungry but for some reason I had to stop at a fancy dress store to find shoes, and on the way back I got lost and ended up wandering around a trashy neighborhood where the skaters left their gear.

Eventually I found the restaurant but by then it was dark and Jesse and the other friend had fallen asleep at the table. They were pissed and asked where I'd been all day. I was trying to understand how time could have gotten away from me so badly, and realized that my memory of where I'd been didn't match with the amount of time I'd supposedly been gone.

I came THIS close to figuring out that it was a dream and that was why time had gone all funny, but instead I blamed myself for sucking, apologized profusely, and we ordered ice cream since the kitchen was closed.


  1. I had a dream that you wrote a Star Wars comic where Darth Vader captured Han Solo for a sex slave. = \ It was very strange.

  2. If you're going for zombie movies and want something quick and silly and terrible, rent Black Sheep. It deals with zombie sheep in New Zealand. It is hilarious because *sheep are just not scary at all, ever*.

  3. I'm not sure whether I should tell you to watch "I, Zombie" or to stay far, far away from it. It's so horribly bad there's pretty much only one scene that's even mockworthy.