February 16, 2009

Cat Lovers, Don't Read This Either

I have to applaud Anonymous for taking time out of their busy schedule of being fucking awesome to be even more fucking awesome this week.

Those teen boys who posted videos on YouTube of themselves torturing the family cat have been identified and reported by eagle-eyed internet detectives, and Dusty the kitty was promptly removed from the home and placed under the care of a veterinarian. The mother of the boys involved reports that she plans to ground both of them from riding on their dirt bikes for a short period of time as punishment for their adolescent shenanigans. Ouch.

No word yet on whether the family of these precious little sociopaths is grieving for the loss of their beloved Dusty, but if so, it won't be feeling the emptinesss for long. Pizzas, Craiglist hookers and death threats are being sent to the house in floods by well-wishers from all over the internet to fill the gap in their hearts.


  1. My introduction to the situation is this report on their comeuppance. ...I'm just glad the cat is safe now.

  2. I'd loooove the chance to wring his precious, filthy little neck. I hope, at the very least, the kids at school find out and make his life a living hell. Highschool kids are ruthless.

    Ugh, I could say so much. As sickening as it was, I'm glad they put the video online. Sometimes it takes an army of assholes to figure things out, huh?