April 27, 2009

Gag Retch Blooga ANIMU Cough Cough

Funimation just gets cooler and cooler. First they rescued One Piece from the rape dungeon of 4Kids Entertainment, now they've gone and solved the Fansub/Licensed Show problem.

Basically, there's a new Full Metal Alchemist series coming out. It's sort of a reboot that will follow the manga plot instead of the TV-only story of the previous series. Funimation said "Dood, let's let people watch the subs for free on our site every week after it airs in Japan!" and there was much rejoicing. Seriously, that is fucking cool of them. It caused a bit of a traffic problem on their site, but letting the episodes load before watching is a small price to pay for keeping current with the series AND supporting the official release.

Roy's new voice took a bit of getting used to, though. Not bad, just different.

The sickness continues. I coughed so hard I threw up three times yesterday, but luckily it was only a little bit and I was able to motor on. Lots of vertigo today.

The news is full of Swine Flu panic right now, which doesn't exactly make me feel better about sleeping 12 hours and waking up with vertigo. I spent the dizziest time curled up in the big chair downstairs, catching Golden Whales on Unlimited Adventure with a heating pad behind my neck. Life could be worse.

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  1. As to the plague... it seems I caught it myself. Burst the blood vessels in my eyes and now they are all red. Looks like it hurts like a mofo, but it doesn't. I'd have pics, but I've no camera outside my phone. You'll just have to take my word that it's freaking awesome.

    Ty Darklighter