July 27, 2007

Blah blah blah Jackie Chan.

The Captain is flopped down on my floor, gnawing loudly on a carrot. When I first showed the carrot to him, he jumped up and walked about on his hind legs for a few seconds out of pure excitement. This is a behavior I'm teaching him to associate with the command "Evolve."

He is coming along pretty well. Last night we went out for dinner because Rah's going to visit family for a couple of weeks, and I left him in his pen with a fully stuffed Kong toy, Mr. Monkey, and Harry Potter on the stereo to keep him company. I felt kind of bad about leaving him like that; he hasn't even read the first 6 books yet.

Came home two hours later to find he had not destroyed the world. Hadn't even pulled any trash out of the bin to tear up, even. He went kind of psychotic and wiggly when we came in, but was at least silent about it. Whatever the books say, I sort of doubt I'll ever be able to convince Dumb-Dumb that comings and goings are no big deal.

I think tonight after my work is done I'll pen him up and hit the gym. It's been a week. Walking him around all of creation as my sole form of exercise is a pretty interesting experience and affords me a lot of opportunities to see areas of the neighborhood that I ordinarily never encounter, but I miss the free-weights and cardio machines. At least they don't give you sunburn.

PS - Last night I dreamed I circumcised Queen Victoria while she was under sedation for an unrelated surgery. She came after me with the entire force of the Royal Guard, but I escaped into the mountains.

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  1. My greyhound had terrible seperation anxiety, and eventually learned how to open the refrigerator by watching us. Oh, the foods he ate.

    We ended up just dogproofing the house whenever we left and hoping he hadn't learned any new "tricks."