July 27, 2007

Found A Sparkly

I found a crystal-covered rock in a back alley yesterday while walking the Captain. I wanted to take it home with me, but my hands were full and I didn't have anywhere to stash it. Today I took the same route and brought my bag with me, and now I has a sparkly.

Now I need to find a rock shop or ask someone with power tools to grind down the matrix for me, so I can add the piece to my display shelf. I also have no idea what kind of crystals they are.


  1. My geologist husband doesn't have any idea, either, but he says that there are a couple of ways that you could find out. Looking for crystal structure is one, but they look a little tiny for that, at least to me. Also, if you can get some of hydrochloric acid (diluted with water 1:10) that might tell you something too. And test it on the Mohs scale of hardness. A steel nail is is about 7-8 and a copper penny is about 3-4.

    I hope that helped a little!

  2. that looks like it could be a view of a heart cut in half. thats soo weird.