July 21, 2007

More Dog Info

Captain X is not a dog at all. He is in fact a furry dolphin.

Rah, Jesse and I discovered this to our amusement (and our clothing's detriment) when he took a running leap into Marydale Lake and then didn't want to get out again. He hunkered down and had himself a good long soak in the duckweed, then shook it all off onto me. I expected whale-song for a while there.

It was a tiring walk, so he's chilling out in the bathroom with a dish of water. I've been putting him in there for meals and short confinement sessions since last night, which I think helps him not get overwhelmed as much by the newness of it all.

He likes to sit quietly and people-watch with his back pressed against my leg. Sweet guy.

Now I'll nap and work on the comic. It's gonna be SO late.

1 comment:

  1. Aww neat! He's already bonded with you and accepted you into his pack. Now all you have to do is make sure you become, and stay, the alpha-dog in the pack.