July 25, 2007

My Water Buffalo

The Captain and I had an adventure at the park today. Then we came home and had another adventure called "Let's shampoo the dog because he rolled in goose shit on the lakeshore!" which the Captain subtitled "AGH RUN AWAY OH GOD THE HUMANS ARE TORTURING ME!"

No video or photographs exist of the torture session. Just imagine Guantanamo Bay for dogs and you're pretty much spot-on.

Haha. Spot.


  1. It is pleasantly freaky to pull into your driveway listening to a particular song only to hear it again on the next YouTube video you watch.

    Just sayin'.

  2. We have the same problem with one of our dogs (mine in particular). At least you don't have long haired dogs ^_^

    Tips from someone who has done waaaaaay to many dog baths:
    1. Try a leash and a collar during the bath.
    2. Try to trick him so he doesn't know what's happening.
    3. Try baths outside with a kiddie pool and a garden hose.

  3. It's a running joke in our family to tease our boston terrier.. She knows what the word "go" means, and will get all worked up over the idea of going for a ride, or going outside... then we'll switch and say "want a bath". Her squeeling stops, and the look she gives us... For some reason, it's never gotten old.

    Quite a lovely creature, The Captain. :) My congratulations, albeit a bit delayed.