July 8, 2007

Teh Agonies

Wrist much much better today, if a bit wrinkly and pale from the brace. I've taken advantage of the improvement and have been working hard on the pages. I intend to have the base colors done by bed-time, and I'll shade and add the dialogue tomorrow.

Complications aside, ooooh how I love doing these super-sized updates.

Oddly, it's a week of computer hassles. Corel keeps trying to paste selections from earlier in the work session, instead of letting me select new areas. And Blogger does not seem to want to allow me to title any of my posts. The field is inactive when I try to click it.

All is well. I am happy.

PS - To everyone who left me encouraging comments while I was nearly tearing my hair out from the depression a few days ago, I wanted to say thank you. It really helped reading them, even though I didn't have the energy to respond at the time.

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