January 16, 2008

The cursed January

Busy busy busy. Big week with much doing. My internet friend Gui visited this week from Jersey and it was pretty cool. He taught me how to make flan and rule the world. When I've got the blogging powarz I'll post more on our adventures.

I've got lots of inking to do for the weekend. You see, Kagerou updates are about to resume as normal. The truth is that I can no longer function without the creative outlet and sense of routine it provides. The paid-work-first thing is a good idea in terms of improving my output, but trying to implement it has led to a marked decrease in productivity and wellbeing. So.

The Captain's obedience training has ended. He's shown truly remarkable improvement in his behavior, and I'm even getting his leash manners under control. Turns out I wasn't being loud or forceful enough to make him listen. You gotta bark at that dog to make him respeck joo. Also, I think his puppy energy is fading. He is still a bouncy animal, but he doesn't go batshit crazy anymore.

Greystoke died yesterday. I was surprised by how much it crushed my spirit. That fat old fellow had more personality than most people I talk to on the street. On top of the grief, I feel especially shitty for Seebs because he's had Stokes since he was a kitten (18 years ago). A good long life, but I will miss him anyway.

At least the cursed January is half over.

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  1. I get you with the "routine" thing... I feel a lot better myself when I'm writing a certain amount of words per day, and all scattered when I don't.

    Shame about the kitty's death, though. :( Especially having had him for so long, that's got to be tough. Best wishes for you and Seebs in that regard.

    -Bryi (dreamracer on DA)